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Just got back from the doctors,you are never going to believe this. I have another chest infection. More antibiotics for 7 days again. This will be my third dose of pills since xmas. I am that fed up i could cry. My head aches now as it is,what do i have to do to get better,god only knows.

More rest and loads of drink. Wish i could drink alcohol,i think i would have sucombed.

take care everyone.

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  • Thanks my darling. Lets hope so.


  • Hi Sylvi, so sorry to hear you have another infection. sometimes that does happen when one infection doesn't clear up properly and flares up again.

    I do hope the new tablets will do the trick. Plenty of rest, peace and quiet and let others wait on you as well. Love LavendarLady x

  • LL they have been doing that already,they keep telling me to rest all the time. Resting is driving me crazy. This is just another thing i have to go through. Hopefully by the time my operation comes round i should be clear of it.

    Love sylvi.xx

  • Keep your pecker up - now when are you getting your hair done as a new picture will need to be posted??

    Susanh xxx

  • Oh no Sylvi. You must be absolutely fed up with antibiotics.Youhave enough to deal with without more problems.

    I read your post about sleep or lack of it.I've found that if I stay in bed my joints do stiffen and it takes me ages to get going again.I've found that if I wake I have to get up straight away and have a little walk round the bedroom.It seems to help but does mean I never have a lie in.

    Hope things are better soon for you xxx

  • Hi Sylvia

    Sorry to hear your news .You're certainly keep the drug industry in profit at the moment.Fingers crossed that your new drugs clear this up for you.Keep resting- i'm off work at the moment and i know what you mean about the boredom but you need to get well for the surgery.

    Lots of love


  • Just wondered Sylvi, when was the last time they did a chest xray or sputumn test on you, so they check if the bug you have now now is the same pneumonia bug.

    If not recently there is a slight possiblility it may be a different type of bug that these antibiotics do not treat? Good luck Axx

  • :) Hey good for you Allanah, not everybody realizes that. I meant to ask Sylvi if she had a different antibiotic or was it the same one, just more of it.

    The thing is now, since she has been on antibiotics for so long, a culture and sensivity test might not grow anything, the antibiotics will prevent it from growing on the culture plates, despite it growing in the lungs. (I'm a microbiologist)

    OK, Sylvi, how did they decide you had another infection? Chest x-ray or culture?? Have you had spikes of fever?. (yeah, we're playing doctor here) :)

  • I've already had a chest xray,that came back clear.He sounded my chest and i rattled,i'm asthmatic so that doesn't help. Thank you all for asking after me.

    Love to all. Sylvi.xx

  • Hope you get well soon .. what you on this time x

  • co-amoxocilian, i think that is how you spell it. I have a pain in the back of my shoulder,i feel like i have been hit with a bat. My breathing is not very good. I have asthma as well.


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