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Rah rah rah!

Following cece's post , I just have to tell you how me and rubbing wincing are getting on.

We arranged with Sir Bruce , Forsyth of course , to meet in the foyer of the Olympic Gymnasium in Central London today. Rubbing wanted the Ritz Ballroom but itv said it was too expensive, but the stadium was fabulous darlings. I saw this beautifully turned out young man come into the hall, well I think he is a man, he wears trousers but I swear my darlings he wears makeup, eyeliner and mascara and I am so jealous of his manicure. Darlink he said, darlink I said back as we air kissed.

Now Brucie , I know he said drop the sir! Asked us what dance we had to perform. The rah rah rah we said joyfully. Well this didn't go down well with Brucie, he likes a tango, just like rubbings colour I thought!

So Rubbing did as his name suggested and started rubbing me in places I didn't know dancers had to touch ooh my! But he seemed to manage to 123 me in a quick dance routine to the sound of tea for two as suggested by sir sorry Bruce.

I wanted sex on fire but apparently it's not the right beat.

Tomorrow Rubbing and I are going to get some Clark's rocker shoes and get some superglue to stick them on. Well promising day for Rubbing and me, don't know where he went , think he went out into London for the night, noticed Rubbing and Bruce both had eyeliner on though.

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