Those Summer things

Those Summer things

Recently during my walks I have found areas bountiful with black berries so took my three children picking, ages 8,6 & 2. We managed to persuade the wife to come along getting kilos of berries.

Ended up making ten pots of jam and two apple and black berry crumbles. I made them with the girls, think the wife was a bit jealouse :-)

My extendable stick really has many uses and it's been great having the long dry warm spell here in Oxfordshire.

Makes you feel good. X

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  • Im in Bucks and the grandsons are bringing me loads in so popping them in freezer untill I get back from holls and my apple trees are bending with the amount of apples on them out of 6 trees last year I got 3 apples this year will be giving them away


  • How wonderful x

  • We inherited big old pear tree when we moved and it is completely loaded with fruit, though not ready yet. Our 11 yr old grandson has volunteered to climb up to get the pears, but knowing his dangerous ways we are worried about that!! By the way the variety is comice and we do not like them at all - we give most of them away. Your jam sounds wonderful, even better with some nice home baked scones and clotted jam!!! Xx

  • Thank you, the jam turned out very nice indeed and yes went well on scones the black current shone through x

  • |We have had loads of strawberries and raspberries now blackberries and we have jam coming out of our ears. We too have been giving the fruit away. Also runner beans we have coming out of ears as well. We have an allotment and this year we have an abundant of fruit and vege. Our freezer is full of

  • That's brilliant I used to have an allottment but moved so it became difficult to upkeep

    as the disease bit in, I found work, children and allottment to hard. The committee got a bit upty to.

    But it is great, my wife is British Indian and what she can't do with veg is not worth knowing :-)

  • I'll stick to Bonne Maman as it's the only one The Husband likes!

  • It's a particular pallet he has then:-)

  • Mmmm.....all that talk of jam & scones & apple & blackberry crumble is making my mouth water! X

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