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still waiting

hi every one, i am still waiting to go and see the ot at the hospital, my hands seam to be getting worse now that i am back at work, today i have been doing part of my nvq in cooking and stirring at lot of things, and my god does my right hand hurt now, i am due the mtx tomorrow so i hope that sorts it out, but i guess that having to go to court about my divorce tomorrow too, might not be helping my ra,

I have rung my nurse at the hospital and asked her to chase my appointment up for ot, but that was a few weeks ago now,

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Oh Gwen. It's that time that doesn't come soon enough between starting treatment & the meds working to stop the raging. Try using heat or cold on your hands. I favour heat, that seems to be more effective for me but other people find cold, so who knows!

There's little point saying try not to stress about court - very few divorces are stress free but try to relax in the evening. I'm half expecting to flare as my h received some concerning health news today but I haven't quite taken in what's to come yet. It'll probably hit me tonight so we might be flare buddies!

Chase your Rheumy nurse up again, you obviously need the help of OT even more now if you're to get through the remainder of your NVQ.


Ask for wrist supports I use them really helpful as I work in a kitchen also x


do you wear them in the kitchen or just when you come home?


In the kitchen as they support my wrists at work i also use them at home and have resting splints for an evening they are worth wearing at work as the support you get from them are good x


In the kitchen when my hands are bed my job has a lot of lifting and at home when in pain x


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