Have Reached 3/4 of a Century of Living, not just existing !!

The day was well commemorated and celebrated!

Have Reached 3/4 of a Century of Living, not just existing !!
     The day was well commemorated and celebrated!

I wrote this on Facebook on Friday, Aug. 23, 2013

I don't often post, just add comments to all you here. But today I must.




I don't think, or feel any bit different than I did at 65, or 50, or even 40. Pretty much all the same views, opinions, attitudes, joys, delights in Nature, and most especially, people. My family is who I am! I am celebrating having spent 75 years with all these things!

I'll only admit that because there were plenty of times that goal was in question. But I am living proof, you don't die from having Arthritis, you gotta keep on living with it. This is Psoriatic Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, and yes, we can de velope complications that can affect the heart and lungs, kidneys and vascular system.

Public education about these auto-immune diseases is so important. Had I known 45 years ago that the pains I had needed attention, I might be in better shape, physically.

Now I am making that my goal, by posting all the info I caqn here, for others to read and hopefully understand and recognize the difficulties that many face every day, even if they don't look like there is anything going on.

So today, I am celebrating and marking this occasion with my family, began yesterday with lunch with a dear friend and dinner with Doug and Cindy and sons, Jared and Kevin and also with Tim and Heather. Today I will spend the day with Tim and Heather. I think I will be well celbrated at the end of this one!

Indeed I was. I spent the entire day with my oldest son, Tim and his wife Heather (the newly weds of 18 months ago) and her mother, Freda.

First helped Freda by unloading her china cabinet so they could move it to the adjoining dining room. Finished that job, went to lunch, then to Home improvement place so Freda could get a gallon of paint, I found knobs for my closet doors so I could get rid of the boring white ones, also got a new pair of pruning shears, then we went to the Marina, had the boat removed from it's 3rd story rack--neat to watch how they do that so easily!

Now, here's where my part gets a little tricky...as I navigate with a 4-wheeled walker, it's a bit of a challange to get to the boat, down there in the water, while I'm up there on the edge of the parking lot. Heather went ahead and helf the front of the walker to keep it, and me, from going a bit too fast down a rather steep, rubber matted ramp. Got down to the dock, which is not much wider than my walker, therefore I must stay on the straight and narrow, literally.

Then we step into he boat, tied to the posts, and Tim holding it steady while I find the most secure place to put a foot. Got that, then reach over to the back of the captain's seat and swing the other foot in, and by golly, I land in a seat, on the boat! ( I have done this before :) Got everybody else in and slowly left the dock, then the channel and out into the Bay of Lake Erie.

Toured all around the bay, went under the bridge of US Rt. 6, got to see the epitome of wealth in so many villas and other awesome homes on the Chausee, on the Lake side of th Bay.

Spent about 5 hours or so on the boat, some of it in dock for awhile hile we waitedfor somel ittle girls to arive for ride.

But, alas, it was nearly sunset, about 8pm, and Freda had to drive me back home to Bellevue, about 20 miles away. So, we did all that boat-boarding backwards, to leave. There was one of those really long, skinny boats, I think called a cigarette boat, just in front, who was backing into the dock, and one of the guys riding on the back of it waved at me and I said, "Nice boat", then we proceeded up the rubber-clad ramp. Cigarette boat guy appears beside me, puts his arm around me and says, "well did you have a happy birthday?"..I was surprised, never met the man before, but said, "oh yes, sure did"..and then...he kissed me! I then assured him he had definetly topped it all off! He was loaded..smelled like Kentucky Bourbon!!

I figure he heard the others telling me "Happy Birthday" as we left the boat. LOL. Wow!

So, that's the end of my 75th year of life. Today I am working on the beginnings of the 76th year.:)

Loret <3




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  • Sorry, could not find any way to cancel or clear this, as I intended to write a new post.

  • Happy happy birthday to a lovely Loretta, lots of love from me sylvi.xxxxxx

  • Thanks sweet Sylvie. See the additions I put on Ronnie's post "For Loret" last night.

  • Yep, that's what I have been doing, but it's still there, as if waiting to be submitted. So I hit Submit, that's why it appeared again. Will have to contact the front office :)

  • Did that too, that's how it got posted after I hit submit. But it stayed there. Going to try again this afternoon. Thanks, Deb

  • Woo hoo you from Oz. Congratulations on reaching such an important milestone and not simply just 'existing' good on you

  • A very Happy Birthday to an amazing lady.....such an inspiration to us all. I hope that if I'm lucky enough to reach your age I have even half of your zest and positive attitude to life. xxxx

  • Oh my goodness, bless your heart! I was about to write a limerick for you last night, but it was late, like 1:30am late :) and I wasn't sure how to pronounce your name. Is it..thien as in lean, or luthien as in lucy ann? :)

  • So sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday. Its pronounced like Lucy Ann at the end.

    I would indeed be honoured to receive a limerick from you Lorann.

    My real life name is Sally if it makes it easier...;) xx

  • T

    hanks, I suspected that was the way. I am reading this at 10:54pm, so it will have to be tomorrow before I get the brain cells going again! But I will.

    Oh> where do you live?

  • A village called Mytchett but it comes under a town called Camberley if that's easier for rhyming.

  • :) Thanks, What country :)

    I'm going to have to make a list of which countries people are from !

  • Happy birthday so pleased you had a good timexxx

  • Thank you, Miss! I did and still am!

  • Happy birthday hunny.

    Love your spirit!

    Joanne xx. :)

  • Thank you ladies, for all the Happy wishes. :) You keep me going!!

  • Happy belated birthday Loret! Sounds like you had fun! Your positivity & encouraging comments on this site have given me the confidence to persevere with different treatments & aim for drug-induced remission, thank you x

  • Thank you hon, I'm glad to know, if I can be of any help to anyone in this beleaguring mess!! If we all responded the same,and there was just one pill, wouldn't life be grand!

    So, yes, keep the faith, and hang in there! Love, Loretxx

  • Happy Belated Birthday from me on the little old Isle of Man! Sounds like you had a wonderful day,

    JoJo xx

  • Thank you s much, JoJo! I surely did!

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