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Hi everyone. Does anyone know how long/safe it is to take diclofenic. The steroid injection i had only lasted two weeks (although i was still getting pain) I have been taking dicolfenic for 5 weeks now , still getting pain so god knows what it would be like without it. Have to wait another 3 weeks until rheumy appointment...not sure if im gonna last until then. Shoulders hands and wrists so painful, and clicking noises! Anyone recommend any other drug i could maybe ask my doctor for in the meantime....any help i would be so grateful..thanks

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The NSID is a long term medication, that reduces swelling and suppresses pain, a steriod injection may only last for a week or so depending on your complaint.

Pain medication needs to be taken, your GP will advise the best one

You need to realize you will not stop pain only suppress it



Hi well this is what my doc told me. I had increase the dose to where it helped the pain with regular checks. Then I have been on it a while before we decided it wasn't effective enough for my pain.

He didn't discuss there being a limit to how long I could take it, just that I would need monitoring , like a lot of drugs , as it can have cardiac side effects but he said after long term therapy.

So I defo used it for a lot longer than 5 weeks without any problems but I know it obviously has some side effects mainly stomach problems he said.

But obviuosly never come off prescribed drugs of course without checking with the GP and just check with the GP he is happy for you to continue with it. He may even prescribe a different painkiller after your chat?

Hope you feel better very soon xx


There are a whole load of different NSAIDs (non steroidal anti inflammatories) from the over the counter things like Ibuprofen on to ones like Diclofenac that are only on prescription. Reading people's experiences on here it really seems to be quite individual as to which will work best for you, so it is best to discuss options with your GP. Some people are ok with NSAIDS, and they do help with the inflammation as well, whilst other need to have codeine based tablets and so on. You also need to ask about whether they recommend you also take a stomach protector alongside, as that can help minimise the long term effects off these drugs on stomach lining.

However the one thing I've really learnt with this disease is to be very disciplined about taking pain killers/anti-inflammatories. So you take them on the dot every X hours, rather than waiting till the pain creeps back. And always take them with something in your stomach.

But also think about the non drug based ways to help with the pain, like ice packs, wax baths, wheat pillows and so on. Sounds simple, but really does help!

Hang in there, it will get better. Polly


I have been on NSAID's for a few years with no problems, I do take a stomach protector as well, at the moment I also take a very strong cocodamol as well but wont take any opiates as they mean I have to take even more tablets. My doctor always checks my prescriptions every few months to see how I am coping.


My GP said as long as my stomach is protected being on Diclofenic long term should not cause any problems, My Rheumy said I was to stop taking this but after reading into it and listening to other people on this i told him i would continue to take Diclofenic as none of his treatments works for my RA. Matt


I was taking 3 Diclofenac every day for 13 years, along with 4 Sulfasalazine and 1 Indomethacin. I also had Cimetidine. to protect my stomach.


I used Diclofenac as prescribed (at maximum doses) for probably at least three years. It and other NSAIDs are definitely used as a long term med for spondyloarthritis, though as always, you do need to check with your doctor about what is suitable for you and your condition.


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