Still No Relief From Steroid Injection

Posted earlier this week feeling like I'd been kicked by a horse after a steroid injection a week ago, and nothings changed. Painful hands which woke me very early this morning, I've got shoulder pain and pain in my jaw which is new, feeling pretty awful. I am very disappointed as in the past I have had good outcomes from these injections. Could it still work? Oh well lets get on with today, a good and painless weekend to you all, best wishes Hilary

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  • sorry to hear it hasn't worked that must be very disappointing. Just curious do they just give a general steroid injection? I ask as I had seen a few people mention it on here so I asked the rheumy when I saw him 6 months ago and he said what are you talking about I would have to inject every joint and that is impossible. So I wondered, maybe it is different in UK I live in Oz.

  • Hi, my steroid injection was given to me in the top of my bottom and should give relief from pain caused by inflammation. Last time I had one I couldn't believe what a difference it made to my whole being. The tiredness that sits on my shoulders disappeared, I felt generally well and I had energy! There were other benefits too, my hands looked like other people's hands, not like sausages in the butchers windows. Still living in hope, x

  • I know this is dumb but here goes. So if you have one injection it works on your whole body? I have been having cortisone injections in my right elbow for tendinitis and it only makes that but feel better for about 4 weeks so I am curious about feeling better all over. I cannot take NSAIDS or prednisone due to gastric and other problems and am not on any treatment yet so anything that can help me feel a bit normal I am interested in researching. Thanks for your feedback and I am sad it isn't working for you.

  • Hi someonesmother, I am like you and cannot take oral pred. and since my RA is in every joint the only way forward for me was Intramuscular injection. Since I was diagnosed and treatment started I have been given IM steroids, ( into the muscle, usually your bottom)..these work fairly well however not every time. The nurse did say sometimes it was actually about the positioning of the injection...not quite sure how that works...but that was what she told me. Anyway, as that was not working so well the consultant decided to give me IV steroids...directly into the blood stream.. Takes about 40 minutes in the always takes me a day or two then suddenly I have energy and feel so much better.. and what is better is that the ain and swelling goes. That usually has lasted about eight weeks.....definitely think you should ask...good luck


  • Hi Hilary, I am sorry your steroid is not working.....perhaps the dose can be increased or even IV steroid considered which again can be given at higher dosage. I have had my last two doses given this way, and although I generally do not feel the full effect for about a week it then lasts me about eight.

    I do so hope your day is as pain free as it can be


  • wow thanks KatieC the rheumy here looked at me like I was mad when I mentioned that I had been reading about this. So I am not mad it does exist! hahahah I am gathering that it doesn't happen in Oz due to the reaction I got from doc.

  • Well I definitely think you should pursue it.....and it is not as painful as I believe injections into the joints are!

    Stay in touch and let me know how you get on....if you need any evidence from here am sure the NRAS can help


  • Thanks KatieC yes but the level of pain I am in when they are done means I really don't feel the injection and then the blessed relief. Problem is I can't have any for a while now as I have had 3 over the last 4 months so have to have a break and boy is it going to be hard. I guess they don't give general im injections or infusions here as the doc thought I was crazy when I suggested it.

  • Hi, hope this explains what it is these injections are and how they ease the RA symptoms. Good luck Hilary

  • I have just had a steroid injection into the buttock last week and it gave immediate relief. It doesn't work wonders for all the bad joints as it isn't a big enough dose. It last about a month and tides you over. Just dampens down the fire a lttle. When I have injections into the knee they are a larger dose and always have made all my joints feel much better. These last about four months for me although the consultant always says six weeks is the average. These taken effect the next day, and I can wake up feeling a different person. That is very good considering my joint damage. I can't say the one in the backside ever feels more than a slight scratch. The joint injections can hurt if you have had a lot of inflammation. It is only momentarily they do so worth it to have them done. Always ask for the cryo spray before they inject.

  • Yes I used to have steroid injections in the top of my thigh which used to work. The last one didn't work so good & went back to oral Prenisolone.....been off it a while now as waiting for Cimzia to "kick in".

    Really hope you get some relief very soon Hilary xxxx

    B.t.w. has anyone heard of steroid dementia as a side effect of taking too many steroids???

  • Ye it's a " systemic" steroid injection ie it spreads round all the body , I get one a month and it really helps. I also have had steroid infusions if the injections haven been strong enough. I wonder if its just a country variation? Hope he considers this for you.

    Occasionally they might think the problem is not due to inflammation though! I went yelling for a steroid as my shoulder was in agony, it turned out to be slipped disc in my spine, thus the steroid didn't help lol, o guess the doc was right Hee Hee!! So maybe ask him if he thinks you r sore due to inflammation or not, they can see it in your joints or by a scan! Good luck, hope u get sorted soon xxxx

  • Thanks for all the interest, we are all different and react to injections in different ways. I guess this one wasn't for me this time, as I'm still in a lot of pain I will get in touch with my rhuemy nurse on Monday. Hilary

  • I've only ever had the one injection, and if you'd asked me whether it was working after the first few days I'd probably have said no. It definitely took a week before I realised that it had made quite a lot of difference. It just wasn't anywhere near as good as the tablets are for me.

    You might want to check with your doctor what dose they gave you. Its possible they gave you a much less dose than you normally have, and that might be the reason.

  • I too am a gastric bypass patient that has a knee issue. I get cortisone injections every 3 months. Sometimes it helps and other times it doesn't. I had one the middle of august and unfortunately it is not working this time. I'm bone on bone and have arthritis. The doctor says I'm going to need a knee replacement but doesn't want to do it until at least 70 years of age. ..I'm 56... my doctor doesn't want to give me nsaids but was willing to give me an opioid. ..go figure. frustrating. There are also Orthovisc injections or Synvisc injections. That is s gel that gets injected into the joint. That too only works for 6 months and it's a 3 injection series a week apart from each other. If you are allergic to feathers do the Synvisc injection because the other is a chicken based gel. The doctor I'm seeing now at Kaiser doesn't do them. Good luck.

  • What is the name of the steroid given in one's buttocks which is supposed to help with severe overall RA pain & inflammation?

    I think it starts with an H, or maybe a K . . .

  • I've had Depo-Medrol (methylpredisolone) & hydrocortisone injections, both joint-specific & general but I think all steroid injections can be used as a general anti inflammatory. The only ones I can think of beginning with H or K are as previously mentioned hydrocortisone & Kenalog, could either of those be what you're searching for?

  • Yes. I think it's Kenalog I received. Thank you very much!

  • You're welcome. :)

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