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Disappointed in my Dr

Hi all, I had an appt with my Rheumatologist 2 weeks ago, (6 months in the waiting) and he and his nurse were both in a bad mood. I said (again) about my right big toe still being swollen and hurting ever since it was fused in 2008 and he kind of exploded and said that I did NOT have arthritis in that toe any longer since it was fused. He did not touch it but he did see that it is very swollen and red. He said I would have to follow up with my orthopedist Dr. He wouldn't even send me to get orthotics or say anything that might help my toe.

So, I made an appointment with the Orthopedist last week, and he says that of course it is arthritis, and that I have another bone in my toe beyond what they fused. Then he said that I have bone spurs on the toe, one on the outside and one on the inside. He strongly told me that he would discourage surgery on the toe, as that would probably not correct the problem for long (the spurs would grow back) and would just make my toe even stiffer than it always is now. I tend to agree with him, but I certainly want the swelling & pain to go away. This Dr did finally give me a prescription to get orthotics, after I asked him 3 times. He says that they are close to $300 though, so I can't do it right now as I have no money.

The best thing in my life though, is that after having had no insurance for 2 years and having to pay all of my doctor bills myself, I finally got Medicare-as of July 1st. Whew! I am so relieved. I am on payment plans to pay off several dr bills what I still owe, but I can finally see a way out of debt-eventually.

I'm off to our annual neighborhood pool/ice-cream party tonight at 6. I always man the registration/raffle table as I can't scoop the ice-cream. I think I'll have a scoop or two and chocolate sauce as well on top. I even had a thought of taking a banana and having it be a one topping banana split, Mmmmm. The weather is cool & dark today though, I hope it doesn't rain, although we'll still have our party, either way.


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Hi Christine. Sorry you had such a negative experience with your rheumy consultant. I know that several people on here have recently had similar experieces but both live in the UK and are with the National Health Service, where the increasing financial constraints seem to make some of these doctor people behave more and more bizarrely?

Horrible for you - especially as you have been paying for this yourself on a very limited budget and don't need this added aggro. I know you have loved your walks too and presumably this will be harder with your toe playing up presently?

Now you have your Medicare in place is there anyway you could get yourself another rheumy consultant perhaps? Tilda xx


He's always been nice to me before, maybe he was just having a bad day. I do have a friend who thinks that my Dr & Nurse are having an affair, but I don't think they are, just that bad moods are contagious.

I had way too much ice-cream at the party last night, and had nightmares all night. But today is a lovely day and I've already gotten in a short walk.



Well I'm pleased for you that you had a nice walk even if it was shorter than you would have liked. I get nightmares if I eat much refined sugar now too but I do have a real weakness for icecream! X


Sorry about your bad experience.. the party sounds good fun though x


I'm one of those who have recently had a bad experience too. Seems the curious virus that makes rheumies allergic to people with arthritis has reached the USA.

Enjoy the party!

Luce x


Hiya hope the party went well and the Rheumy and his nurse didn't turn up as a couple lol!!! Keep well xx


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