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Advice on what to do about a flare up

Although I have had RA for 3 years it suddenly went to another level in March this year and am now on 20mg MTX and 6 tablets a day of Sulfasalazine. I am now experiencing my first flare up since March in my wrist and not quite sure whether to just self medicate with Naproxen and Tramadol and hope it passes soon , go see my doctor or contact my Rheumy nurse. What do other people do in the same circumstances?

I am going on holiday in 10 days time and want to be well for that. My last holiday in March was ruined by a massive flare up ( had to borrow a wheelchair from the hotel it was so bad ) which resulted in the change to MTX shortly after. I don't want another holiday ruined with pain especially as it is a family holiday with my grandchildren and I want to join in with their fun. Jean

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Thats exactly what I would do too.


I can't really add anything to what Scouser said only to say that steroids is my only positive response to flare ups so, hope it disappears as quick as it came and doesn't develop into anything else


I agree with the other two x.. hope you get to have a lovrly holiday!! were are you going? x


Thanks for your replies and have taken your advice and telephoned Rheumy nurse this morning. Waiting for a call back as she is in clinic at the moment.

Summer32 - going to Tenerife with my daughter, son in law and 2 grandchildren so expecting to be very busy. Just hope my RA doesn't let me down!! Jean


Update - Got the call back from Rheumy nurse who arranged for me to have an injection in my wrist this afternoon. Also got a splint to wear for a couple of days and some emergency steroid tablets to take on holiday just in case. What more could I want - brilliant service from the NHS. Jean


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