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Hand flare up

Hi all hope your all having a good day with your RA. For about a year now I been suffering from flare ups in my right hand normally only lasting a couple of days well this time is different back in Feb when I saw my rheumatologist she told me next flare up I had to contact them to be seen asap I will admit I delayed contacting them as it started just before my sons 16th birthday and I didn't want to spoil it but it was not a bad flare up was manageable without extra meds and went over that weekend but on the Tuesday after I got the worst pain shoot across the back of my hand as i put my purse back in my bag which started the worst flare up I have ever had I contacted the rheumy team the next day when I had got up and my hand was all swollen and after a night of having the worst pain I have ever had in my hand.I got an appointment for Monday (5 days later) to see them but in the mean time I had to stop taking my anti inflammatory tablets and if the swelling went I had to cancel the appointment well I didn't go so on Monday I went and I am being sent for a scan to see if it is arthritis causing it or Tendon/ligaments I am also waiting to see the OT about splints and warm wax therapy have any of you had this as I haven't heard of it before and how long to people normally suffer from a flare up for as this has been over 2 weeks now and it don't seem to want go away sorry about the long post thanks for taking the time to read and for any advice you can offer xx

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Poor you, but well done for getting through your son's birthday.

Both my hands and wrists have been very painful for a couple of weeks. I am due to see the Hand Therapist next Monday. In the meantime, I've been coping with heavy-duty splints. These help a lot, but the problem I have is that when I take them off to wash my hands (though I sometimes manage with alcoholic cleansing gel) or have a shower, I have great difficulty in undoing the Velcro. This makes me feel very frustrated and pathetic - and sad. But it sounds as if you will have full-time help on hand, if you'll forgive the pun.

I'm on Rituximab, Methotrexate injections and Prednisilone. The latter was 5 mg, but when this massive flare broke through, it was increased to 10 mg for three days, then down to 7.5 mg. It's not what I wanted, but when one can't Use crutches,, clean teeth, or even wipe oneself, that's "rock bottom" so I gratefully accepted the remedy. It has helped a lot.

I love the sound of wax treatment and will enquire about that. Thank you for mentioning it. If I get it on Monday, I'll try to remember to give you an update.



thanks hope you get some relief soon I am right handed and that is the hand I am suffering with so trying to use my left but it don't always work out I too use crutches and they tried to blame that at first for my pain but as it was happening for just a day or two and no pattern to when it would happen and its the joints hurting they now calling it flare up of my AS


I get these flares and they can be triggered by overusing my wrist, fingers and hands, stress or the big one for me is food I eat. Had carpal scans and said I had mild carpal tunnel syndrome but since I stopped oils they have gone away. Used to have a cold pinky finger constantly. Better now but still cannot use my wrists for heavy objects cus I get a flare. I have arthritis changes in both wrist and bones in my hands.

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Talking about hands. Has anyone noticed the veins sticking out teally badly. My hands seem to have aged 20 years in past twelve months. They look aweful.?


The more my hands hurt, the more gnarly and veiny they get. Proper old lady hands now. Ho hum



I am confused as what to try at the moment as rheumy told me to use cold for swelling and heat for pain but when you got both at same time I don't know what to do for the best as I really don't want to make the pain worse im in a catch 22 if the pain gets worse I will have to take my strong pain killers which send me loopy and I cant drive or do anything but if I don't take them I am limited to what I can do due to pain am sure many on here will know what I mean and have been in the same situation hope your keeping well take care xx


I am on cimzia , but it has helped me for over 6 months for my hands. I have to see if my insurance will approve it again. It has worked wonders for my hands. I am also considering bio-flex laser therapy which my rheumotologist does in her office.


I've not herd of cimza but im on humira for my AS and so far so good been on it about 6 years now im in UK so its all done on the NHS but there is guidelines I have to fit into to keep getting it hope you mange to get it again if it is helping you xx


thanx everyone xx


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