I'm staying put today

I'm staying put today

I'm not stepping outside of the door today, why,because for starters i ache my knees ache. I didn't realise that having a false knee would cause as much pain. My fingers are like sausages and my thumb has a nobble on it. My fingers are very swollen and my eyes are puffy and sore.

I won't be going to the parade on cannock chase this morning. My hubby and daughter are going, their advice was for me not to go and for once i quite agree with them. I was looking forward to going as it meant i could have met up with some people that we met at the arboretium last month. The weather is worse than the winter we have just been through. Nobody would believe that on tuesday we will be in may.

The good thing is i'm not depressed at the moment. I think taking 3 amitryptaline has helped in that. Thank god i have the papers delivered, i can sit and read them while my family is out. Its only my son and i at home,mind you he doesn't get up very early. He goes back to his ship next thursday and he flies on friday and joins his ship saturday, that 7 weeks has gone so quickly. I think he will be pleased to get to somewhere warm. I might go and join him as it is warmer where he is going,lucky devil.


ps, just thought i would put a pic of hubby enjoying the sun when it was out in march!!!

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morning Sylvi

I had a terrible nights sleep. I think I've got tinnitus in my ears. The noise was driving me mad. Then this morning my twins decided to make a dreadful din at 7am so I back to being knackered again!. I'm getting bloods done tomorrow and I think I will book in for another depomedrone injection as like you I am stiff and sore all over. My right knee was very swollen last night and my shoulders and neck are painful. I am finding that when I lay down in bed my chest is hurting and so I have to move as it takes my breath away.

You wouldn't believe that we had all that sunshine in March would you? It seems that when they annouce the drought it is destined to rain. My garden flowers are leaning over to the right this morning so I guess thats where the wind has come from. I am going to venture to the supermarket today as I could do with a change of scenery and my cupboards need topping up. OH is dropping me off at the door and then going off to park, then same thing vice versa. My blue badge hasn't turned up yet.

Here's hoping to the better weather reaching us this afternoon.

take care love




Angie my two have gone and to say grace is wrpped up like a dogs dinner is an understatement. She has her tights on,a pair of thermal knickers,a thermal vest, t-shirt and a fleece and then her legion jacket and skirt on top. Hubby has a vest leather waistcoat, coat and a change of clothes, same with grace she has a pair of jeans to change into. To be honest i don't think many will attend as a lot of them are getting on in age and they won't want to get wet and cold into the bargain.

I know what tinnitus feels like i have it my left ear, i have a hearing aid in to mask the noise. Thankfully i only have it in one ear.

Have you considered propping yourself up in bed as that will help your breathing. Sorry i can't advise on noisy kids, they should have a silencer on them so that you could turn them down!!



With the weather we've been getting the last couple of days I think it's very sensible to stop indoors. We've had a day in today too and only just ventured out between downpours to walk the doggies. I got my sewing machine out and took the opportunity to take the legs up on 4 pairs of trousers...not impressed to find my inside leg is only 27"!! It'll be so nice not to be tripping on my hems next week. Hope you had a nice day reading the papers.

Paula x


Morning Sylvi. Hope you had a restful day yesterday and that today the sun shines where you are. (It's 06.54 Monday morning and the sun is shining it's head off down here in Kent). Also hope your pain wasn't too bad yesterday (and today).

Although yesterday morning the rain was bad down here in the afternoon the sun came out and I was able to vacate to my shed (it's not only men who have a bolt hole). It's a 'summer house' my daughters inform me whereas my OH and I refer to it as my 'shed'. Whichever,as soon as we get a little bit of sun shining in the right direction it really warms up nicely and just an hour or so in it really lifts my spirits, watching the trees blowing in the wind and the birds flying about is really relaxing.

My family bought me a Kindle for my birthday so yesterday I was downloading a load of free books when I was sitting out there.

Oh well, must go and get washed and dressed don't want to miss the sun today (it may be our summer !!) Need to see if my seedlings need any water (ha ha that's a laugh but I suppose that is one good thing to come from all this rain).



Paula,judi, I'm very stiff this morning. I slept fairly well though. I wish my eyes would settle down though, i'm now convinced that it is the ra, as when i'm stiff and sore my eyes are worse. Judi i envy you your shed,i would love one of them, i have a conaervatory which at the moment is a greenhouse with all the seedlings that are waiting to go down the allotment.

Paula good on you for doing some sewing, i do the setting the seeds ready to go down the allotment. Yesterday i did nothing,while they went to the parade that never was. They did get to go to the club and have food that was laid on for all paticipants who turned up.

We went out for a meal later in the afternoon as hubby didn't want to come home and cook.

I have to say last night i was in a lot of pain,so after ncis-la was over i settled down to sleep.

I am very stiff again today,but the sun is very welcome. I think i will just potter today as i'm not as good as i feel i should be. It has been weeks now since i had any mtx,so that looks like it was working in the first place.

Hope you both have a lovely day. xx


Sylvi, hope you had a good day yesterday in the sun. (I would have liked a conservatory but the way our garden is it doesn't lend itself to having one, hence the shed).

I had wondered if the mtx is working for me, I've been on it for so many years, but realised that the aches and pains were worse on the same days every week which is obviously due to needing another dose of the mtx.

Pouring down today, looks like we wont get any sunshine until this afternoon. Nevermind, better late than never.

Take care



The sun was nice Judi, but it was cod and windy here in the midlands. today i'm going to the naisdex exhibitition at the nec. It is raining here again today. xx


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