Babysitting duties and Knackered!!!!

Well how mad am I? I decided to have my 1 year old grandson for the whole weekend due to my son and daughter in law both working 12 hour shifts over the weekend. Picked him up at 7.30 Saturday morning and took him home last night at 7pm. I have to say although he is a joy to have, I am absolutely knackered.

I have been feeling great recently as the MTX has really took effect however got up on Sunday morning and both shoulders were very painful and stiff along with the lower half of my back. Problem is he is trying to walk so we are constantly holding his hands while he walks and am bent over. then we are picking him up all the time and doing all the other usual things you do with a baby of that age.

You think you are doing well on the meds and then Bang! as soon as you overdo it you feel like you have been battered all over. Ive only been on my treatment for over 3 months but it looks as though i have to accept that I can't do the things I used to do. I am 51 but today feel more like 71. I am in work as well sitting at my desk sending this blog so at least I made it in..

I think I will have to reduce my babysitting duties to one day as opposed to 2 together .

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  • Debbie know how you feel, you did great though to have him for the whole weekend. Wee todlers are so cute but they do have you running around all over the place. Think you hit the nail on the head - we think we are good and then when we go back to what we normally could do, we feel as though we have been battered all over.

  • Hi Debbie - I know exactly what you mean - my mum used to take her grandkids (not mine as too far away) once a week and she wiould phone me afterwards sounding as if she had run a marathon! Young children are rewarding but exhausting - teenagers are exhausting but rewarding - that's how I see it. Our house looks like a bomb has hit it because the kids are both revising for exams and there are text books, old exam papers and chewed pens scattered everywhere with torn notes and calculators - batteries dead and live flung on floor, socks (they pull their socks off to watch tv and leave therm wherever they land. To my horror we have half term this week - completely unscheduled by me this time - so they are off from Wednesday and then the oldest has his first big exam a week today. It's not as physically demanding as having toddlers by any means but the late nights and the midnight fry-ups or pancake making and endless pile of greasy plates, half eaten fruit and half empty glasses of ribena are also driving me nuts! At least you can hand grandchildren back!

    My flare of the weekend came unbidden and has taught me that RA takes us unawares and MTX is probably not enough for me - or the dose too low anyhow. Good luck recovering and one day a week is enough for you I'm sure. TTx

  • Hi Debbie, I am the same. My grandson is 2 and two new babies are 8 months and 10 months. I hadnt been diagnosed with RA when James (2 year old) was born and I had him loads, overnight, days, weekends etc. I cant do it now with the new babies though. The worse thing is that I miss it. I loved having the mess and noise of a toddler again but my body cant do it anymore. I keep apologising for it as it is so nice to give them a break from the kids but I cant physically do it without suffering for days after. I too am doing well on meds which made me think I can carry on as I did before. It is a sad fact that I cant, so I really understand where you are coming from.

    Take care today xx

  • Hi Debbie

    rest as much as you can and use heat if that helps on your joints to help relieve them.

    Take care Sci x

  • Thanks Sci

    I have an evening to myself tonight as the men of the house are going to the match (liverpool/Tottenham) so i will indulge in some me time.


  • Personally I'm 51 in five days, oh my .. a mere pup compared to a few on here :)

    I have said it a few times in last few months, grab it whilst you can!!

    It's obvious from your blog you loved it!

    What's a LOT of pain for the joy you felt ehhe

  • little and oftern that's the key. I am 42 and grandkids are a twinkle yet - I hope!!! my kids still cost me a packet.

    But at least you had fun kids have a way of healing the pain

    take care ans rest

  • I know exactly how you feel our grandson is now 2 and a bit, and I love having him to stay. Mornings are always a bit of a challenge and it usually takes me an hour or so to get up to speed, so trying to do nappies and clothes in the morning before I am properly awake and before my fingers will bend is difficult. As you say I always feel very tired after a night and day and my knees usually hurt for a few days afterwards with all the bending. The pain is worth it though and I love playing with him

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