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being brave!!??

had people say I was brave having my endoscopy awake with no sedation!!, (on mon21st) they have no idea !!a slight sore throat is nothing to the ra pain as we all know!, was no allowed no food, or meds (am on steroids at mom) from midnight sun, by midday was almost shaking with pain, asked nurse if I could have pain relief(had found I was last on list!!) she came back and said we dont want you in pain we will do you next!!, I has no sedation so I would be with it enough to eat and take tablets after sole reason... im not brave i WAS SCARED bout the endo but the nurses and theatre staff were brilliant, can recommend the Ramseay health care group, they are private.., but I went as NHS patient

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I chickened out of having mine done so I think you ARE very brave! I am glad that they were all so kind and helpful, I wonder if youd have been moved up the list if you'd been else where?! I hope you're feeling ok today and get good results soon x


Hi Ali

Well I think your brave as well, going cold turkey not a good idea, I've been told I can take all of mine next Thursday whoopee.

When will you get the results, and more than can they do anything, if your stomach has been damaged can they repair it.

Make sure you rest it will be a couple of weeks away but I will come over to Gloucs.



Oh Tricia what a pallaver.... I hope all that suffering does some good and they get you sorted. Doesn't it sometimes make you feel they don't really think of us people, just someone to try things out on.

You lie down with a damp edition of the Radio Time across your forehead and rest... Julie x.


What nerd head I am... I mean Alison... so sorry I have no excuses ... apologies


thanks ladies, and tricia looking forward to meeting you xx


Hi Summer, you were brave I did that once before cold turkey endoscopy with biopsies, gag gag gag! My question is would you do it again? I would'nt horrible reflux sensation. You brave brave soldier!


Hi Alison, my hubby had that done some time ago and he hated it too!

You are brave I wouldn't fancy it, anyway take care and have a good rest.

mand xx


Hi had it done under sedation and had no problems, however I dont know how you managed to do cold turkey on the meds!! I tried once before for 8 hours on the pain killers and it took me a week to get my pain anywere near bearable! Hope your ok today x


Hi you were very brave. I had mine done and watched it go down on the TV but it made me gag. I also had one up the other end and had to go on a fast and drink this vile drink. Hope no one has to have that. We who have RA have to go through some pain.


I like to think I'm quite brave having had a few things done under epidural or local anaethesia ... I don't fancy this one though!! Well done Alison, have a gold star and a chocolate cake!!

Methinks not taking the steroids was a good choice and normally they insist steroids are continued to avoid you going into shock on the operating table!! In fact quite often they give you an extra dose to make sure that aspect is under control.

Hope the results are good. Take care,

Lyn x


meant I had to be done sooner !!as they told me to advoid meds , had given myself a rapid dose step down on 2 to 3 day slop to get dose down low before op to avoid problem , the shock aspect, got down to 10mg 3 days before nad 5MG day before then back to 20mg next day god I needed had legitamley cut from 30 mg to 20MG... on 2OMG now 2 more days then doc and I agree to try to slip to 15mg.. gold will start to cut in....., will make a choc beetroot cake lol xx


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