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My Second Tunnel of Light. ( a long blog for tonight )

Hi ALL, This is something I never thought of sharing with anyone but Fran but what has happened to me over the last 6 months has got me round to thinking does someone here want me more than the man above, I have never been a strong believer I turned my back on the catholic church many years ago over my son Marks christening or should I say not, My first experience was in1986 I was very ill with Pancreatic problems awaiting surgery one day Fran was at work and I was in terrible pain ( put together gall stones, stomach cramps. heavy constipation ) this will give you an idea, one minute I was on the sofa the next minute everything was just a blaze of white light I can remember walking down what I thought was a long corridor and I can remember turning back away from the light because someone was pulling me back not calling me but pulling me who or what I don't know to this day, when I came to I was at my front door calling for my neighbour for help, I was rushed to hospital to ill to talk but they carried out the operation straight away I was in recovery for a long time before I was back in a ward, the doctors said I was in a bad way when I arrived at the hospital and if my neighbour had not been there at the time I might not have been here, when we got home I mention it to Fran which surprised her as it was not the sort of thing I would discuss at any level and she got the impression I was talking when I was in the recovery room but told her it was when I was at home so all the white wall or lights were not the hospital corridors and never mentioned it again, Well until this morning that it, over the last 2 weeks I have had a terrible time with my RA 24/7 pain after pain one place after the other, but the last 2 days and nights the pain around my back, hips, and ribcage was constant agony kept saying to myself no sense in going to A&E they would try and give me Morphine which I refuse as this is what caused a relapse 3 months ago and told them I would not take this again if they cannot guarantee me so, 3am yesterday morning I was on the sofa suffering silently could not even use my laptop as my hands were very sore also as Fran was asleep when again the pain hit me and i could feel myself fainting or passing out then all I could see was a bright white light and a long corridor it seemed never ending I was walking and walking then again I was being pulled back no sound no names just being pulled back, and the next thing I knew Fran was shrugging me and calling my name asking me what was wrong I was a bit confused as I could not remember other than sitting in severe pain, Fran says I did not call out she woke up knowing I was in the sitting room and just came through to see if I was ok that is when she tried to wake me up and when she could not then called an ambulance to go to A&E I came to in the ambulance then Fran's said they had checked me out and other than the new meds I was on for RA nothing else had changed they kept me in till lunchtime today carried out all usual tests but could not find or explain where the pain was coming from other than my RA as my Lungs were normal if I can say that, when we got home I told Fran about the white tunnel she thought I was talking about when we got to hospital again I said this happened when I was on the sofa because I can remember her trying to rouse me and talking to her before the ambulance got here, the first time It happened it was so real that is why I mentioned to Fran only the second time was even more real as Fran said she could not rouse me and said I did not call out her name either before or after we went to A&E Fran says maybe a trip to the chapel next door to say a prayer would be nice she cannot explain it, so I take it as the film said Someone Up There Likes Me A Tue Story. MATTCASS.

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gosh what an experince.. not sure if this is a biblical experince or not?? its all down to faith I Guess and less we experience it we shall not know x.. At work think some one said something about a similar experience which happened to them or some one they knew, but there is a book written by some one medical and the theory is that when body gets close to a shut down/ death experience neurons in the brain fire randomly .like a flickering light , giving these tunnel/ light experiences.


Wow, Matt! No doubt every culture and faith has it's own thoughts on this but you're the one who can make sense of it for your own life. Your wife's idea is a good one.

You'd probably enjoy hearing the story of Maggie Lane from Kirkliston who had her own experience along the same lines, someone filmed her telling the story and I could let you have the DVD (I'm in Livi).


Hi Sailaway Apologies for not replying sooner but I have been out in the sunshine and enjoying the rays, I enjoyed hearing the story don't know if I want to watch the DVD, mattcass


Matt,you don't have to be a catholic to believe in god. Your work here is not done yet. I am a great believer in the afterlife.You have been very ill matt and i hope you have a speedy recovery. xxxxxx


Blimey MC, it seems as though your having a pretty torrid time of it at the moment, that's quite an experience you've had there. I have had some pretty crazy dream like experiences myself when I was very ill but I have never been in the corridor/tunnel with the light at the end.

All I can say is who or whatever pulled you back wants you to stick around. My money's on it being Fran! :)

It seems as though were both not at our best at the moment but I think I'm at least lucky not to be in the pain your in.



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