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First day of cimza

Today was the day. I've successfully injected the first 2 injections, wasn't sure I'd manage as my left arm is so terrifically painful and stiff. But it's done , not as painful injecting the enbrel I'm pleased to say. Also the drug company pays for membership to NRAS. That's a commendation of the work done by NRAS. So now the wait, for effects to begin. I can't wait!!

Sylvi, we will be able to compare notes!! All the best to u.

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Sorry,, made a mistake. Should have read not as painful as injecting enbrel.


I did mine as well and it was a piece of cake. I did them myself,my nurse was pleased at me for doing it.So i am back in two weeks time for the second dose. We will compare notes again. I am glad that it went well for you.xxxx


at last you have it well done you both x


Indeed we will. Race on now for first to respond (hopefully in a positive way!!) so pleased that you managed to do it as well. Nice not to have to rely on others.

Take care Sylvi.

Anne x


Thank you, I hope so too.It's been a long and painful journey, so I'm really hoping I respond.

Take care yourself. :-)


Great Anne, well done you. I injected my first dose of Cimzia nearly two weeks ago and so far, so good. I've not had any bad reactions and am really hopeful that this will continue. Wishing you well - keep us updated with your progress.

Mags x


Dear Mags,

Thank you, I truly hope all 3 of us benefit from taking cimza. Lets hope it's the beginning of a new improved us!

Take care. :-)


I have been on Cimzia since October and must say that I am feeling so much better. I still take Methetrexate and Sulphazalazine and still have flares, especially when I am stressed, but overall I feel Cimzia has made a big difference.

Stress is a terrible thing, but if you can find coping strategies for breaking that circle of pain it can work. When I am going through a big flare I have a little mantra that I keep repeating 'this time will pass and I will soon feel better' and providing I can get some sleep it seems to work.


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