NRAS and rheumatoid new "potential treatment"

NRAS and rheumatoid new "potential treatment"

Hi just a quickie, in trial stage only potential new treatment similar but cheaper than biologics at trial stage.. Ailsa NRAS is mentioned ( head of Nras, chief executive)

she set Nras several years ago now from her own living room virtually we have to thank this fantastic lady for all she has done and does for the cause of RA,

me and a few others at nras 10 th year celebration at warwick

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  • Hi all

    Summer, I assume you are talking about 'BiP' which is a potential new therapy that has been in the press today. The following is a story int he Daily Express, in which Ailsa is quoted:

    It is always good news when new therapies are being worked on, especially when they work in a different way to existing medications, but obviously this is still at an early stage, so we'll have to wait and see what comes out of it further down the line.

    Kind regards


    (NRAS Helpline)

  • The pic is me Tricia, julie and ollie (nras) noy sure who the two slightly older poeple are x

  • Are you the one on the far left Alison? Thanks for alerting us to this. Tilda x

  • read page 7 daily mail about RA FRI ED

  • can you tell me more I didnt buy the mail today?

  • just looked at daliy mail on line it is bip same drug as in article in express

  • I've read with great interest. It will be wonderful for all, if it is successful.

    P.S. I think you are in the middle Alison, sitting down of course.

  • mm no left black and red dress x

  • Great news & lovely picture Alison, how is everything with you?

  • Hi Alison, and Trisha is sitting next to you? lovely picture :)

    great news, I wonder if it's still to be used with MTX?


  • yes me tricia next to me then julie

  • Trouble is there only appear to be 50 people on the trials and as far as I can see it will be at least 2 years before it goes to NICE. I cannot see anything on line today.

  • I Think it will be years x

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