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TW x 3

For those of us who are old enough to remember this means "That was the week that was" programme which just about sums up this last week for me.

My right shoulder flared up the previous weekend with a vengeance and I have been in great pain and waking up in the night with the shoulder frozen and unable to move it at all. After a few minutes it begins to unfreeze and start to move again. Have had hardly any sleep with the pain and had to leave a meeting early last Monday as the shoulder hurt so much I couldn't find anywhere comfortable to put my arm!

Have not been into work this week as have felt so ill with pain. Saw the GP who has put me back onto Diclofenac although haven't used it yet and have concentrated on Nurofen and paracetemol particularly at night.

Then a couple of days ago, the left shoulder started so trying to sleep on either side is now very difficult and I hate sleeping on my back.

So does my hubby - he says I snore. Cheek.!

It is a little easier today but had another bad night waking up every 2 hours or so. going to have a quiet day and have sent an e mail to my consultant's secretary to organise a steroid injection.

Also noticed my left leg swells up alarmingly but usually goes down at night. Did mention that to the GP sometime ago but she said that any trauma in the leg would cause that. That was the leg which had the Baker cyst which burst.

Both sides of jaw have seized up this week as well which has made eating difficult and have had a lot of mouth ulcers and soreness in the roof of my mouth as well. I must be keeping Bonjela going at present. And the mouthwashes do help as well.

Also terrible back ache so hope RA is not beginning to affect my spine. Hoping it is muscle strain only.

I hope this coming week will be better. It is very cold here but a lovely sunny day and the night skies have been fantastic. Didn't see the Northern Lights last week as not really looking, but have seen them in the past off the Norfolk coast - a faint green undulating display in the sky. Very beautiful.

LavendarLady x

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Oh Lavender.. poor you what a week!! rest uo and take care xx


Oh you have been through the wars just take care and rest


My dear Ll, It sounds as tho you must need more anti-inflammatory agents. Too widespread, isn't it? Darn! That is a very miserable week, or more. Have forgotten what meds you are on, but perhaps a review with your consultant is due?

Must get you sorted and settled, Spring is in the air!

Much concern, L. xxxx


LL,my love you have been through it haven't you. I wish i could take your pain away for you. You need a holiday my friend somewhere warm not too hot,and not too cold. I do know norfolk is lovely as i have had holidays there.

I am sending you healing thoughts your way.

Love to you sylvi.xx


Yes ditto to Loret and the others LL that really does sound hellish and you are doing so well at putting on a brave face through adversity I must say. I don't think I would be coping so well with jaw, shoulders back and a knee all giving me such grief - I feel sure I'd be a weeping wreck begging my GP for steroids or something to help me asap.

I did have what I now assume was RA in my shoulders from August through to October although it had gone by the time I saw the rheumy and got my diagnosis - but I feel that to date it was the worst of all the RA pain, because everything you do involves shoulders somethow.

I remember having people to dinner when my aunt was staying with us in August and I ended up being sick in the middle of the meal with the extremity of pain. I think you're very brave even managing to notice the Northern Lights. Mind you we are spoilt for them up here in Orkney.

Take care and I do hope this flare eases up soon - I think Loret is right it is time to review your medicines perhaps? TTxxx


Hi LL,

I'm flaring a bit too at moment, and not in a good place. Glad to see your blog, helps not to be alone. I changed to naprosyn from difene, but did'nt work so back to difene & paracetamol. My left knee is giving me trouble now and wrists.

Things can only get better. On a good point my operated on ankle is pain free!!



I've missed your contributions recently and thought you must be having a hard time. I'm so sorry and also really sympathise with the shoulders. I have pain in shoulders from time to time. But nothing lasting. Last night I woke with a nasty headache from my weekly dose of methotrexate. And tried breathing into the pain as they recommend in mindfulness meditation. I'm a sceptical soul but it worked. You have to breathe in and imagine the breath going to the site of the pain, so a space opens up around it. Worth trying though it doesn't solve everything xxx


Hello LL,What an awful week for you.

If it's not one thing it's another with RA.My RA started in my shoulders and it is so painful.The only way I could sleep was propped up in bed with my V shaped pillow.

I also had a phase of my left foot and ankle swelling.This went on for about three months and then stopped for no apparent reason.RA never seems to make any logical sense.

I do hope you get the steroid injection soon and it helps you to feel better quickly xxx.


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