Fed up, fat frumpy & forty

Well what can I say, yet another day wasted in bed. Whilst there has been some improvement since I started rituximab my shoulders and neck are agony at the moment... I'm fed up of taking all these drugs especially blooming steroids as I now have a "moon shaped face" and have gained nearly a stone since December, and I also turned 40 in December. Whilst having to be laid up I keep looking at my wardrobe full of lovely summer clothes and heels that once upon a time when I had a life I could wear.. Now it's just pj's and slippers or if I am fortunate to be able to get outside button free tops / trousers and flat slip on shoes. How did I end up like this what a nightmare. My lovely husband is very supportive and keeps saying things will get better and ill soon be back to my old self but unfortunately after 18 months I'm no longer optimistic. My mood is at an all time low and I'm feeling pretty crap. ,,, time for more painkillers to zombie me out

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Sorry to hear that your not in very good place at the moment. I agree it is heartbreaking when you see all the clothes and shoes that you used to wear. I am lucky in that my daughter worked for a fashion company for quite a few years, so has helped me to purchase new clothes and shoes that are fashionable but are still comfy for me to wear, especially in the shoe department. I have gone for a lower heel and peep toed for clothes that you would normally wear sandals, it does the trick. Maybe when you feel more the ticket you could try some and give yourself a treat.

In the meantime wallow for a bit and continue to take your painkillers and rant at us on here.

Take care. xxx


Not much I can say to cheer you up but hopefully, with each infusion of rituximab things will improve for you so that by the time you're 41 you'll be back in all those clothes and shoes and the PJs will be stored in a black sack under the stairs! I was fat and frumpy at forty - I recall being diagnosed as Hypothyroid and having gallstones around that time and a GP friend finished me off by giggling about gallstones going with people who are "fair, fat and forty".

Well now I'm fair and only slightly plump and very much fitter than I was ten years ago - and I recently turned 50, so I believe there's light at the end of the tunnel for you too - hang in there! Tilda x


oh babe it could be worse you could be fat , frumpy and fifty! kidding, thinking of you Axx


If thats your piccie you dont look forty, and im that fat frumpy one.. steroid queen.. approaching end of my forties


Bless you all for your kind comments, especially you summer as that is my piccie, from last November so just before my fortieth bday!!!! I'm sorry for manning I know we all have our crosses to bare and that there is always someone much less fortunate than me.. It's just sometimes this disease and its unpredictability really pees me off!! Hoping you all have a fab day Donna xxxx


Hi, I was diagnosed 14 months ago just after I was 40. I had everything planed the boys started school and I was going to join the gym, but no my body had other ideas, I eventually got back to work new year but now are having a flare up. So I'm in the same place as you at the moment and everything you said is exactly the same way as I feel. Hope you pick up soon. X


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