Hi All, great news a lung transplant is not on the agenda at the moment between the Chest Consultant and the RA Consultant they are going to try and concentrate on slowing down the RA affecting my lungs with various drugs, They were so impressed with mine and Fran.s effort improving my mobility and exercises to gain some lung space and they have encouraged me to carry on with a good diet plan, plenty exercise and that's all we can do for the moment. Just waiting on my son Mark coming with a couple of bottles of wine, And seeing Fran's face when she heard that the transplant was not happening just now made me even happier if that's possible. mattcass

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  • That's wonderful news Mattcass - enjoy every drop of you wine! Tilda xx

  • v good news. dont overdo the wine.. though.. x.. it has been such a worrying time.. keep up the light exercise xx

  • Maybe it's the Schwartz effect!!

    Great news and what a relief

    Ronnie x

  • great news, so pleased for you & your family. Love Alison x

  • What a relief! Well done to you and Fran for taking the initiative and making a real difference for yourself, that's impressive. Enjoy the wine, I'm sure it'll taste very good tonight.

  • Well that is great news for you. Shows that the help you are giving yourself and the help from the doctors is a good plan , congratulations xx

  • Brilliant news Matt:-) long may you continue to improve. All best wishes for you & Fran, a great team! Love Janet xxxx

  • Great news matt for you and Fran,long may it continue for you.Keep up the good

  • congrats good news, glad for both and that the change in life style has helped you. Keep up the good work XXX.


  • Great news Matt! Hope you are enjoyed your wine! x

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