Feeling a little deflated

We have had a big shuffle of consultants in The RA department at my local hospital.So my appointment six months ago was just awful as the new consultant was nearly trying to say it was in my mind.After me getting very upset he sent me for lung function test.x-ray and a bone scan all of which he said today have come back kinda ok and didn't explain anymore.He said the bone scan showed that my back had more inflamation and everything was sort of normal nothing to worry about.When I said that yes I do suffer with severe back pain he said well we all have different levels of pain but I also mentioned that I have to manage my activities as to how intense my RA Occurs and again he said that is about all that can be done.See me back in 12 mths which I'm happy about as I don't want to see this consultant but not happy as it is not solving my pain issue.

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  • Sammy complain to your patients services and see how you get on. I just did and my bone scan is the 25th of this month. How good is that.

    Take care love sylvi.xx

  • I have complained and today he didn't even say hello just opened my notes and was quite dismissive....so will really think now about moving,if I can get the energy.

  • You can ask to see a different consultant for your next appointment. Your GP might be able to help, but when I go, at the beginning of the clinic, the nurses have a pile of notes and you can say you would like to see a particular person. No need to be confrontational about it, but it does sound as though this person was dismissive and had bad 'bedside' manner.

    Too many of them, but there are others who are more sensitive.

    Hope you can get it sorted soon,


  • I should have changed my consultant from my previous visit 6mths ago but sometimes think of the hassle.My consultant previous to this was brilliant and the RA nurse.Now she isn't even at the hospital she is based at a different hospital but is still part of the main hospital and now when I ask for her advise she is now saying I have to go through my GP or phone the consultants secretary.....so not sure what is going on as she used to be brilliant

  • its all about procedures. See your gp and ask to be reffered to her at the other hospital. When you have done that write a letter to the chief execetive at the old hospital and complain,because if you don't he'll carry on being obnoxious and keep getting away with it.

    You are worth more than being treated like that.

    Love sylvi.xx

  • Thx Sylvi...will bear that in mind

  • Sammy that is awful. Is your GP any good, If so i would keep going to him and complaining about the pain. Its so hard coping with the effects of this disease, you don't need an arrogant consultant and no rheummy nurse. Why is he being so dismissive if you have visible inflammation on your back. Good advice from Sylvi though.

  • Hi Sammy - that sounds really rotten? I think Sylvi , Cathie and Mads are right and you should write and complain but first of all go and see your GP if you have a good one. I don't have a rheumy nurse where I live and no choice about consultants. There are two and I think I've probably landed the best one as he seems thorough and nice although quite brisk and you only get 20 minutes max and probably will only see him once a year when my meds are all sorted - which hopefully will be soon. I just go to one of the GPs in my practice if I need to communicate something to the rheumy or get help with pain. Is that not an option for you too?

  • sammy don't accept this the others are right. Write and complain shout and keep fighting. You deserve to be treated with respect. My RA Nurse is wonderful. If I need to screamand shout she is there. I just wish my boss my boss was so understanding. The important thing to remenmber that it is your RA and you only you know how YOU feel

    Keep your chin up xxx

  • Aaaah thanks all for the comments and words of support......I just hate making complaints about things but I will take on board all of your supportive comments and I just may get the will to speak with my GP about it.Also I will start to go to my GP more, rather than suffer.

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