Consultation for Transplant Decision Tomorrow,

Hi Al, lm getting a bit nervous but I am still very positive for tomorrows consultation with the Top IPF and Rheumatoid Consultants and Transplant team in Edinburgh who have taken over my case, The good thing is my Chest Consultant is also going to be there, Also without saying to much to me he has indicated that most of the tests carried out for this meeting are very good, This is one consultation I will be listening to very carefully along with Fran, Will keep you updated the minute I get home. mattcass

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  • Hope it goes well for you and you soon get your

  • Good luck. I am sure we all will be waiting for the decision for you too. I am on the donor list but never thought before, can they use our organs or does RA and drug therapy rule that out? But good luck to you and Fran tomorrow and update us as soon as you can? Hugs xxxxxxxx

  • hope it goes well, and the consultants are all great to you and give you lots of time. Polly

  • Good luck!


  • Good luck will be thinking of you tomorrow xx

  • Good luck to you hope all goes well for you .xxx

  • Good Luck for tomorrow, hope all goes well for you, don't forget to take Fran with you for backup on what said. xx

  • Good luck for tomorrow xx

  • Good Luck Matt. Hope the consultation is good and will check back to see how you got on!


  • Good Luck tomorrow Matt. I hope everything goes well for you. Will be thinking of you. Take care xx

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