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Bowen Technique

Well here it is me who can be cynical!!

On fri night hand and arm went dead in bed and woke up sat morn with v stiff back

I went along To this Bowen thing and it was amazing... sat night no dead hand and arm.. the technique involved minor manipulation/ movement of body.. muscles.. she said arm problem was coming from my neck.. have been telling GP and consultant for months,.. about this loss of feeling .. no action was taken!!.this session seems to have done the trick


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Brilliant long may it continue!!....whoop whoop



It's really good for many ills but unfortunately it costs quite a lot and it does need to be an on going thing for weeks or maybe a few months, it depends on your ills.

A friend of mine had it for fibromyalgia and it helped her to be a bit more lively for a good while anyway but the money has to come in to it lol.

Good luck with it and I hope it works well and long.



My husband uses it for his neck problems but he got taught by his GP, so it didn't cost, don't know if it was a shortened version or what but it helped him a bit.


It was £36.95 but one session did the trick it was an hour session.. she didnt push for me to go to more.. so No follow up I will go as needed.. even IF I decide I need more and that was left for me to decide it is well worth it I might go every two to three months if I need to.. I waited six to eight weeks for physio and go TEN minutes.. go way and come back in six weeks.. ( for another 10 minutes??!!)


yep summer thats what i got do this do that come back in 3 weeks


Summer that is brilliant- I did not even think about that therapy for my RA. I have very good massage therapist and chiropractor but have not been to see either of them since this diagnosed because I am not sure they can actually do anything, however I do know a brilliant Bowen therapist. Se trained me in the art of reflexology, which of course I can no longer do and that saddens me.

Well email her today, see when she is next up in Edinburgh- maybe we could all go. Thank you for letting us know about your success


Summer, thank you so much for sharing this. I appreciate that different therapies work (or not) in different ways for different people, but I am willing to try anything! I will certainly look into it and keep an open mind, I hope the good effects continue for you.


It may not work for everyone but it did for me,, do check your person is fully trained in anatomy etc and ideally like mine qualified to advanced level.. think this lady was very gifted and im a big sceptic about a lot of alternative therapies.. because some are plain dangerous and many dont work x


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