Just call me pin cushion

Just call me pin cushion

Forgot to have the enbrel on Thursday as working and very busy. So had to have it yesterday (Friday). Also during the day, bloods taken from left arm (looked quite good but not blue enough lol!) and Vit B12 in the right arm. I sat there with our lovely practice sister, and me going ooh, ah, ooh ah, that hurts, Wimp that I am. What with the MTX in my midriff, Enbrel in my stomach, holes in the left and right arms I think I am better cut out to be a pin cushion. Added to that is son's new kitten Willow, who keeps pouncing on everything and has wrapped his claws and teeth round both hands so more holes this morning and leaving streaks of blood everywhere.

Even Berry pup got in on the act although he doesn't bite as such but likes to hold your hand in his mouth.

I only need our cat to start and that will make my weekend.

Anyone need a sewing aid? LavendarLady xx

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  • Hi LavendarLady, it does feel a bit like that sometimes doesn't it? a pin cushion! You would think we would be used to all these jabs by now but I think it's still difficult especially when we do them ourselves. What we have to go through, no one knows do they.

    Take care

    mand xx

  • love your photo, cats lovely. Just what i needed to see today a nice picture of cats and flowers.


  • Hi Sylvi, yes the picture is of my champion burmese Minnie Mae in our garden. Can't think how I managed to put the photo in but must have pressed all the right buttons for once! she is a beautiful cat, chatty and with a strong mind. She soon lets me know if she is upset about anything!

    LavendarLady x

  • nice unusal markings. I only have moglets.. are burmese vocal like siamese?

  • Hi Summer, yes she is very vocal. Burmese are worse than Siamese for talking all the time! LavendarLadyx

  • Gosh and I Thought Siamese were very vocal ! xx

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