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Hello sunshine!

after spending most of the last couple of months walking in a letter 'S' shape and aching in all my joints I was so happy to see the sun this a magic potion all aches and pains have (almost) disappeared and am feeling like a spring chicken ! have come to the conclusion that my RA does not like damp dosent mind how cold it is but REALLY dosent like damp, rainy days. My poor mum , on the other hand, suffers if the weather is too warm and dry, her joints swell terribly over the summer. Anyway, let's hope the sun is here to stay otherwise I may have to have a whip round for the 'send Bev to warmer climes' fund.........

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yes it has been lovely this weekend x


as long as i can come with you!


I'm up for that too. I love it here in the South West but to be this green it needs to rain A LOT!

Temperatures over the last couple of days have been just perfect for me. Not too hot or too cold. Makes such a difference to the soul.


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