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Information evening in Harrow 25th March

Information evening in Harrow 25th March

Hello I've had RA for 6 years and leading a relatively normal life. I am now a volunteer for NRAS - National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society.

I'd love to share the story of my Shoe Cemetery. Once upon a time I wore heels, then I got RA... Some of my abandoned heels were orphaned because they had been neglected for so long. The really special red ones, ran off with some flats that I didn't really approve of. They were totally mismatched...! For the rest of the story come along and meet others like me (well ok, more 'normal')

FREE Venue:

Himsworth Hall, Education Centre,

Northwick Park Hospital,

Watford Road, Harrow HA1 3UJ

Wednesday 25th March 2015

6:30pm – 8:00pm

Question time with an expert panel including healthcare professionals from the rheumatology team at Northwick Park Hospital and NRAS.

Please register your interest in attending by 20th March 2015

by calling 01628 823 524 or by email to groups@nras.org.uk

All welcome - You do not need to be a member of NRAS to attend. Or a Heel addict.

This will be a great opportunity to ask health care professionals questions about treatment and pain management. After this event, we will hold smaller support groups every 2 months. These will be hosted in the Trinity Church on Hindes Road, Harrow. For more information on all of this please go the NRAS website.

Thanks and hopefully see you there! :-)

Lady in little-heels xx

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I would love to attend & swap heels tales but alas I live over the hills & far far away!

I hope you have a well attended & informative evening. :)


Awww you would be perfect nomoreheels. Love the doggy. That's my other passion. Stay well :-)


What a super invite!! How could anyone resist? Shame I'm too far away!!


I would love to attend as I have very many neglected heels since my diagnosis 5 years ago, but I am very very far away. I hope you have a very well attended event!


I just love those shoes. Mine had to go to new owners that will give them more outings than I could. Great invite, I live to far away would of loved to have met more flat shoed people. Hope it's well attended great idea.


Hi Caza,

Thank you! Sorry you can't make it. If the turnout is less than expected, I'll make it a pop-up shoe sale and send you a webcam link :-)

I am glad your shoes are getting outings, it is good for their sole. (Sorry couldn't resist that!) Rx


Love it!


So unhappy that I can't attend this. Normally, my diary resembles the Mojave Desert but I'm not free on the 25th. I will be watching eagerly for other meetings.


The Mojave Desert huh? I'd like to hear more.

Can you pencil in 26th May? It's the date for our first support meeting which will be in Trinity Church, Harrow. If you are arriving by camel, I'll need to make special arrangements.

Looking forward to meeting you raggedy3!


Got it. I'll be the one in the desert boots - unless you want to lend me those divine shoes.


the red ones? Oh they left me and ran of with those hideous flatties...! It's a sad story... I met my partner when I was wearing them. Now I wear socks.


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