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Virus's, virus's

I am really going through it this week. Last Sunday had the beginning of a dicky tummy and a high temperature. Never had anything like it before. I couldn't leave the house - my husband had to take my boy to school and work from home (not ideal). Now I am able to leave house but have a terrible temperature and a very sore throat - argghhhh. Has anyone had a similar bug? Are they one and the same?

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Yep, although mine was the other way round. Rotten headache and sore throat and raised temperature. Thought it was clearing when I got the awful stomach pains and my temperature shot up and more headaches. Suspect it might be the same virus as we've both had the same symptoms. Thought I'd been unlucky and caught a second bug while recovering from the first. Hope you feel better soon x


Thanks for replying, nice to know Im not the only one with this. I thought the same - thinking how I unluckily got 2 bugs, one after another. I agree with what you say it does seem to be the same virus - poor us. Thankyou again x


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