Advice needed or at least views

It is ages since I posted having had the most awful summer

health wise.

The heat near enough made it impossible for me to leave

the house, my legs were swollen, my joints ached and I

looked like I had left a tap running on my head.

It has been suggested I top up my methotrexate to 20mg

weekly, is anyone on this dose? it is worrying me and I have to

start this week.

I do feel a bit better now the summer has gone, thankfully.

Hope others have had a lovely summer and were able to

appreciate the weather,


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  • Hi Ann, I'm on 20mg of oral Methotrexate along with several others. It works really well and I found the nausea almost gone now I take it prior to going to bed.

  • Thank you, at the moment I take mine am, if any problems I will try night. Thanks again.

  • Hi Ann

    My Methotrexate dosage went up 25mg and when I had a low blood count it got lowered to 15mg then when my blood results were good. So the Metho was increased this went on for several years until the last 2 years I have been on 22.5mg I take them First thing in the morning before my breakfast along with frolic acid and Mepradec the Mepradec I take 3 times a day along with Declofenic I also have an infusion of Inflixamab every 8 weeks I was diagnosed in 2006 and here we are 2013 and im relatively pain free. I hope this helps Paul

  • I've been on 20mg for yrs and i seem alright have the odd pain but they are not PsA. I have no complaints at mo. Iam supposed to be going on Hydro. next month hoping that will help with other pain was told it was Fibro we will see.

    This is the best summer i have had for ages not swollen up half as much as normal. Its my ankles and legs that usually swell. All the best .


  • Chris

    It is so strange how we react, I said that if next summer is like this last one I will have to go in cold storage!

    Now the heat has gone my legs are shrinking before my eyes

    and my shoes now slip on and off with ease.

    'Funny' old illness!


  • Hi Ann

    I am on 20 mg Mthx and take it on a Sat night have found it relatively easy to tolerate apart from some nausea, changed it to taking on a night and this has helped. Did feel sick on sunday this week though but missed 2 folic acid tabs last week so am putting it down to that ( fingers crossed) I take the folic acid 6 days a week as this is supposed to help with the nausea are you taking this too

    good luck cris xx

  • I have been taking the Folic Acid once a week but now they

    are putting the Methx up to 20mg they want me to take a FA tablet twice a week with two days inbetween, make of that what

    you will!

    I get conflicting advice from all quarters, doctor, consultant etc.

    I start tomorrow so will see how I go, all I can do.



  • I take 8 tablets a week always have done I don't have a problem with nausea and I take my FA two days later just once a week I am also now on humera every fortnight and all was going well until I got an infected elbow joint which has landed me in hospital for a week and I have to come off all meds lol so the next few weeks will be interesting

  • I am on 25mg methotrexate subcutaneous. I do take folic acid daily though to try to reduce the nausea and other side effects. I have been taking this dosage for about 7 months now with minimal problems - sure is better than the pain of RA.

  • I'm on 30mg of metex injection since may this year. had a terrible summer last year didn't move at all with heat. I live in portugal. This year so much better but will be going onto biologics asap after relevant tests here, TB heart 5year pneunomia vaccine etc. RA has only improved somewhat whith higher doses of metex plus sulfazine plus 5mg steroids, {triple theraphy}

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