Missing you all

Oh heaven help me I am really missing being able to get on line. My pc has gone to be repaired and I am lost without it. Hope you all have a good weekend. I have been to the fracture clinic this morning to have my hip and wrist xrayed. Everything is looking good I have some very impressive metal work now. I am told I wont set off the alarms at the airport lol.

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  • I know don't know what is worse, no PC or RA.... lol Well I do really, but checking online and having a moan and a "chat" is pretty good medicine. Glad the Hip and Wrist are going OK. How disappointing you won't cause havoc at the airport though! Take care x

  • Hi

    I have had a shoulder and two hips and don't know what they put in mine but when I went to Paris the other year I sent all sorts of alarms off and trying to tell the French in a bad phrase book talk and waving of arms was such a laugh.

  • Hi Sharon, I have metal in my feet and elbow have done for over 10yrs and never set off the airport alarms either. On the other hand I have spoken to

    people who do,I don't really no why.

    Strange thing is I still get nervous when going through the scanner because I still think they might go off!!

    mand xx

  • Hi all

    I too have no metalwork but set off the alarms, I think it's the underwire on bras

    but Beeper I'm not too sure.

    Sharon have a lovely holiday, your off to Spain aren't you the weather should be balmy but take a brolly in your hold bag, as you can get evening showers.

    Sorry it's me and travel again..

    Travelgirl aka Tricia-P

  • Hi no I havent booked anything yet there are a few of us going so it takes some organising.

  • Hi no I havent booked anything yet there are a few of us going so it takes some organising.

  • have a lovely hol X

  • Thanks but not booked anything yet.

  • Hope your PC gets better soon and have a great weekend x

  • Pc still not fixed but have knicked my daughters lap top this p.m.

  • yes borrow her lap top x, dont go to spain!!, strikes, recommend bulgaria or croatia cheaper and flattish at sea level x

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