new here.....Hello

Hi everyone, I'm new to this site but not to RA, I've had Ankylosing Spondylitis for 7 years, and last year my wrists and hands started to swell and be be painful and i was diagnosed with RA last September. I've been on Humira for 3 years and i must say it work wonders. I had a knee op 2 weeks ago, as i had a displaced knee and a twisted ACL (no idea how i managed to do that) so i'm still recovering from that, I had to come of the humira for a month before and was able to start it again last night, (thank goodness). I help out at the local NRAS group, running stalls at fetes etc. it's hard work but very enjoyable. Not sure what else to say really. looking forward to getting to know people on here and i'm sure i will visit you all everyday.

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  • Hi Aston,

    Welcome aboard.

    Lovely people on here, im sure they will help. :-)

  • Welcome to the mad house.


  • Hello Ashton,

    Welcome to the site,i'm sure you'll find it friendly and helpful.

    Hope you have a speedy recovery from your knee op,

    Take care B 48 :))))) x

  • Welcome here Aston! TildaT x

  • Welcome aston,you have come to the right place a great bunch of people here. All suffering one way or another,we cheer each other up when their down,and we share in their highs.


  • Hi aston, you'll find a lot of friends and support here :)

    Suz x

  • Hi and welcome Aston! Lovely people here!!! Hope you're up and about soon. Take care xxx

  • Hi Aston, like you I am new to the site and already I feel I am not alone. Amazing support here. xx

  • Hi Aston, welcome to fellow AS'er with RA, I have both of these too.

    Beth xx

  • Hi Aston ...Great people Great site ....


    Debs x

  • thanks for the welcome everyone xx


    Welcome to the group........this really is a Great friendly and a very imformative place to visit .


  • Another welcome from me too !.. hi there nice to meet you xx

    Alison x

  • Hello Aston

    Like you I am an AS sufferer and had it for over 30 years. I don't have RA at least I don't think so. Not due to see my consultant until June. I was on Humiera but within a few weeks it gave me a rash so had to come off it. Now on Embrel which is great for your joints. Not much in the way of side affects; just an odd spot that gets itchy.

    I came across this site several weeks ago and its very good with lots of information from patient experiences and drugs.



  • Hi Aston

    Welcome to the site

    Sci :)

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