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Thank you

Thank you to everybody who responded to my first blog. It was so nice to read all the encouraging and positive comments. I will be on here every day now.

I feel better in myself today, but my shoulder is very sore, strange. Went to the GP yesterday about the awful indigestion, and guess what, more drugs.Lansoprazole, but it seems to work.

Thank you all again

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That is what I've been given today too, indigestion woke me up last night and I've had enough, it's good to know the Lansoprazole works!


Hi Andy, glad all the comments helped, must admit they helped me too. I only started blogging this week and have already spoken more about my RA than ever before.

mand xx


I was wondering what you were taking tablet wise before your indigestion tablet wise? any ant inflam such as ibuprfoen, diclofenac, or oral methotrexate>?

I am curiuos? can you help with an answer

thanks Alison


Hi Alison, hope you are OK today. I am taking diclofenac, they did change this to Naproxin but it was worse so I went back on Diclofenac.

Hope this helps



the pain worse or the indigestion worse>? do you take methotreaxte tabs?


The pain is worst, its in my shoulder at the moment so I aren't sleeping. I am on 25mg of Methotrexate which I self inject once a week, the tablets made me very nausius for most of the week. Injection is a lot better.


hmm, if you reas some of the other blogs amitriptyline is a good bet if it suits you I have taken it myself from time to time x


Thanks Alison, I will do some research and mention it to the rheumys. I am due an appointment at the hospital again soon. Still waiting for physio appointment though, and I don't want any more needles sticking in my shoulder. That was an unpleasant experience if ever there was one. Fainted, and its not done much good!


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