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pain hand and feet


getting a lot of cramp in feet at night and early morning. Also getting a lot of pain in one hand, its my left hand and its at the knuckle. it keeps seizing up and going into a funny shape pulling my fingers together. I then have to move them with my other hand as its very painful. Been to see GP last week and had blood pressure tablets changed as keep getting very short of breath. Going for blood test monday, wonder if there is a connection


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Hi Chris, I haven't got a clue I'm afraid but I do suffer a bit with cramp sometimes.. not much help to you i know! Hope you get some replies as it will be interesting to read if there might be a connection.

Best wishes Ange

i get lots of cramp - and I have noticed that it is worse when I am over-burdened and presumably much more tense - could that be a trigger for you?

I'm on blood pressure tablets too but the blood tests haven't shown any problems with the electrolytes.

Hi chris ,sorry to hear about your troubles.I to suffer a lot with cramp ,in my hands,feet and legs . Spoke to the physio at rheaumy and he says it's the muscle round the joints trying to protect are working overtime causing them go into spasm.

thanks for answers. will ask GP when i go to follow up over tablets change.


I was suffering a lot from cramp, and now have an epsom salt bath 3 times a week, I belive it has helped me x

Hi Chris. I know that when you are low on your electrolytes, you can cramp up. One person said Epsom salts bath helped-that's probably because Epsom salts are magnesium and you do absorb it through your skin. Also your BP medicine may be making you urinate more and you can be losing potassium. Lack of potassium and sodium can also make you cramp. Check on foods high in potassium. Oranges and bananas are 2. Good luck. Oh! Another thing that helps with leg cramps is tonic water. :)

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thanks for answers but i have crohns as well so have to watch what i eat. Doc has given me a potassium protector because one does get rid of all my potassium.


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Forgot have had a blood test done today so we shall see what that brings up.


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