hand trouble

my hand have been giving me a lot of pain ,they are very weak can no longer put finger and thumb together to form a crucial, or make a fist my top half of my finger are doing all the work picking things up ect its been like it for a few weeks now ,if rd damage is permanent will I stay this way now ,my finger ends are curving and my wrist sort of curve inwards ,has any one else had this happen

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  • Have you seen a physio? They give you exercises to improve grip. I have been unable to make a fist for years. My two little fingers are bent at ends.

  • no I have not seen a physio in fact I am going to go back to hospital they did not want to see me again for 12 months unless I needed to see them then I would be seen in 2 weeks I just thought that was the way the hospital appointment were done with long life time conditions

  • I'm Seen every 3 months at present. Have had RA for 11 years. I have found the occupational health good for information. You need to ask to be referred & the physio.

  • Hi junebee

    My understanding is that you will be seen quite frequently until your condition is under control and you are settled on meds and then it may move to less frequent appts but with a contact number to call for an earlier appt should you need it. It does sound like you need to be seen if you are still in a lot of pain and things are getting worse....it may be that you need a different drug or combination of drugs?

    I agree with the others, ask for a referral to physio and occupational therapy.....they can help with advice on exercise, gadgets to help around the house and maybe some hand splints? x

  • Ask for help - from the rheumatology nurse if you have one, and from the occupational therapist especially who can advise about how to use your hands, design or provide splints, advise on things that help with daily living activities.

  • My hands were very severely affected when I was diagnosed and it took intensive physio sessions plus Methotrexate for about six months to get them back to where they are now - near normal. I recall she used an ultrasound massage tool with gel and remember making a joke about picking up pulse for the baby inside my knuckles but she looked at me very seriously and said "if we don't get something done about this your finger joints will fuse soon and you won't be able to bend them ever again - it's no joking matter!" so after than I religiously used a stress ball and did finger walking everyday for many months. It seems that it's paid off although the neurologist commented that my wee fingers poke out to the side and my grip is weak - but no pain, no erosions and no further drift or swelling so I would push hard for physio exercises as soon as possible. Twitchy x

    PS my GP referred me to her and I saw her in our surgery

  • thanks every one for your kind advice

  • Hi Junebee, I had something very similar to you. Ever since I've been on a small weekly dose of

    methotrexate, I'm able to use my hands again. The bone deformity is still evident, but at least I can use my hands, and the constant pain has disappeared. Wish you luck. X

  • that's good you are not on pain I sometimes wonder if the deformity will still happen no mater what pills we take I wish you well and have a great Christmas and hopefully a pain free new year

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