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Evening out!!!

Afternoon from the sofa!

Spent last night in A & E

All I did was walk across sitting room, left knee gave out under me.

Ambulance ride all padded up to hospital

Resulting in damaged right foot ( not broken) and my right shoulder which I have shoulder impingement syndrome in, swollen and restricted movement of that arm even more

So no weight bearing for 48 hours and arm in sling to keep shoulder in one place.

In more pain than usual, taking Oramorph during day which I never usually do, more depressed that knee can just do that with RA. Thank goodness I was at home.

Hope everyone is having a better day than me!


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Oh Poor you. Yes knees can give way. Mine did going up the stairs and I fell backwards banging my head on the window sill. No damage apart from a great fright and bouncing up the brains a bit!

Sounds as if you really fell heavily. Try to rest as much as you can - sofa is a good idea and keep the foot up as well at least as high as your hips if not a bit higher. Will help with the swelling.

Pain killers good idea as well. take care and try to relax as well.

At least no more damage was done (i.,e,. no broken bones etc).

Love LavendarLady x


I sprained my ankle badly yesterday eve, but resisted the tempting idea of six hours in my hospitals A and E dept!!


You mean you didn't want to spend 6 hours with the local drunks and drug addicts?



yep you got it!!


I'm so sorry for you! I have a knee issue too, which results in embarrassing falls. So far, only indoors, and only bumps and bruises to show for it thankfully. I feel for you!

Ally x


Sending you some sylvi


Thank you all.

Ps.... Just taken my first MTX injection fingers crossed no side effects like the tablets

Hugs to all



Know how u feel if u saw my falling out the caravan day, rest up and sending hugs Axx


Awk, you poor thing. What an experience. Life can just be crap sometimes can't it? But it will pass as it always does. Keep your chin up. XX


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