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Anything new out there?

Still in great pain so much so it was back to the doctor today for another

jab. Arms and shoulders are murder and I am unable to stand or walk for more than

a few minutes. So and so of a night, my hands have no strength or grip so could

not lift my flimsy duvet without pain.

Is there nothing new that can help the pain?

It seems that ever since I went on MX and the one that affects your eyes

I have been worse, I only allowed them to change my drugs as they said they

could stop the progress of this thing, it certainly has not done that.

Feeling so down, nearly broke up in the docs.

Sorry just so fed up.


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Ann, i am sending you cyber hugs as you really need a cuddle and its the best i can do. At least the drs are on your case and doing their best to sort you out. Might i suggest you have a nice hot bath and soak for a while with some nice bath oil/bubbles. It might not do much for your ra, but it will make you smell nice and lift your mood. There will be plenty more lovely people on here who will do their best to cheer you up. Don't be sorry for being so fed up, we have all been there and might still go there so don't you worry about that.



Pain, pain go away and never come back another day! Like Sylvie all we can do is send you hugs and thoughts to help you through the night. I hope they sort you out soon. xxx


Hi Ann - so sorry things are so awful for you at present. I do hope they can find something that works for you as being in constant pain is awful. I remember having that problem with the duvet and even now almost a year later I move about nervously at night in case things hurt that badly again. Luckily for me they never have.

If you can't get in or out of the bath with ease then a hot shower might be almost as good. MTX works well for me but the one that can cause eye bother (Hydroxichloraquine) I'm off at the moment and it doesn't seem to be making much difference yet. I keep wondering if my eyesight is getting better but it might just be my imagination. I really hope things improve for you soon. Tilda xx


Oh Ann, I really feel for you, I remember being at my lowest, not being able to lift my duvet, or do anything at all without being in pain!! sending loads of gentle huge your way. I really hope they get your meds sorted for you, real soon!!

Lots of love

Julie xx


Thank you so much for your thoughts, I just feel so low right now.

I have not stopped bawling.

Oh Sylvi how I wish I could get in a bath but those days are gone, too dangerous.

I have got my hot water bottle and am going to try and ride it out and pray

tomorrow is a turning point.

Best to all


Reply heart goes out to you as I too felt like that. Before RA was diagnosed with polymyalga. Was put on steriod and whole body pain and weakness almost gone in five days. My "V" pillow was and still is a lot of comfort and my wheat bag. Sending you lots of gentle hugs. Take care.....this site makes me feel better too x


Thanks linnieh, I have just had yet another jab and am feeling some

improvement today but I what scares me most is these flares are becoming

more frequent and I am not being heard by those who should care.

It gets me thinking they just hope I curl up and go away.

Managed to draw the curtains today and brush my hair, silly but I almost

jumped for joy LOL



Not silly at all - completely understandable. I think we have to keep pushing ourselves a bit to keep joints and muscles moving or they seize up. Try and do a little more each day if you can. Tilda xx


Hi gazelleLoL

I'm sorry to hear you're having such a tough time of things at the moment, and I hope your doctors are able to advise you on the next steps for your treatment. In terms of infomation on pain relief medications, the British Pain Society produce some useful booklets which you can download from their website:

We also have an article on managing the pain of RA which include some non-drug suggestions like using hot or cold packs to give some temporary relief, so there may be some new tips for you:

There is also quite a lot of information on painkillers on the Arthritis Research UK website:

I hope you are able to get something sorted soon.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



Thanks for those links, the one on painkillers has explained

some things.

I think I expect too much from doctors and consultants, a little thing

called compassion!

Sometimes all it takes to help live with this illness is a expert who is

approachable and has time to listen, guess I expect doctors to be like

they were back in the 70/80s, more like a family friend to talk things over with.

Sorry if I sound bitter, it is not just the pain talking.

The jab is starting to give me some relief now so hopefully a few

nights of good sleep will buck me up.


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