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Dont know if this is related to any of my current health problems or something new!!

I suffer from RA, Pernicious anemia, Hypothyroidism, Thrombocytopaenia, Asthma, Endometriosis etc

I have for the past 10 weeks had a nearly constant problem with my stomach, Ive had bouts of bad indigestion and lower abdominal pain, I saw the doctor last week about it and was constipated at the time so she gave me some laxatives and told me to do a stool sample (which ive stil yet to do) however last sunday (21st April) I had a bout of diarrhea with severe abdominal pain which caused me to vomit, since then I have had lower abdominal pain everyday, im sticking to small light meals such as salad or soup but the pains are really affecting my appetite and im loosing weight (which is great but not in this way) Ive also started bleeding these past few days despite being on the pill for my Endometriosis. My last visit to my rheumatologist suggested I had something else which is adding to my joint pains but he didnt go any further to say what he thought that might be and if it is now effecting other parts of my body, has anyone experienced prolonged tummy problems ? Any advice???

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can I suggest you ring for a gp app't tomorrow?



There are other autoimmune conditions such as Crohns and Coeliac's disease (gluten intolerance) that affect your guts. It sounds as if you have so much going on with your health that it is too complicated for us to make suggestions as we aren't medics but I too am suffering from tummy pain - mine is high up in my abdomen and affects me after food with lots of burping and doubling up tummy ache and cramps for over 3 weeks - although also I have a dragging feeling in my womb with it. Am going to see the GP tomorrow and plan to ask her for the blood test that helps identify ovarian cancer just in case. I'm sure it's something harmless but I would feel happier if this were ruled out. You should see your GP asap - it's not really a rheumatologist's special area I wouldn't have thought so you may need referring to a gastric doc? Tilda x


GP. Definitely. As soon as you can get in.

The gut stuff does sound a bit like I was immediately before finally being diagnosed with coeliac disease, but if the bleeding is unusual then you definitely do need to get that checked out as well as the gut stuff.

Just out of interest, screening for coeliac disease is considered best practice for any suggestion of irritable bowel disease or gut problems, so if you haven't had it done then it would be worth asking about.

Coeliac disease can cause either getting blocked up, or too fast transit. If you do end up with coeliac problems, it can also make it difficult for food to pass through your gut well, and if its flaring a lot, and food can't go down, then it just comes back up. Often you can end up vomiting up well-digested food 3 or 4 hours after eating, because its just been sitting in your stomach unable to move through. Just make sure that you have been getting gluten in your diet before they do the blood test though, or else it could come back as a false negative.

Does sound like you might need a gastroenterology referral though.


inflammatory bowel disease + joint problems generally means spondyloarthritis (enteropathic arthritis or Ankylosing spondylitis) rather than RA, though it is possible to get inflammatory bowel diseases with RA.


Thanks for your answers, I did see the GP on 18th April about this but I will try to get another appointment the constant tummy pains are really getting me down now :-(


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