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Me Again!!

Well I haven't been on here for a while and so have a few updates....

Firstly, anniversary holiday to Spain was lovely. The journey there was uncomfortable and my hips were agony when we arrived but then three days in the sun was just bliss, pain free and lovely to just be able to sit and read in the sun!

When we arrived home I phoned the hospital, as I was told in January when I saw the consultant that he would see me in three months, well the three months is up and I've heard nothing and was told I'd have to just wait my turn.

I have withdrawn from the masters (MEd) module I was attempting to do, it's a loss of money which is a pain but I am just not up to it at the moment. I am still suffering badly from fatigue and could quite easily sleep all day some days, so reading anything (least of all education research stuff) just wasn't happening.

I have returned to work, after 2 months off, and still hate it. I feel like they just want to get rid of me but I am determined not to make it easy for them. I am currently trying to work out what I could do instead, and do have one idea that I am working on - slowly!

Last week was very painful, I woke on Monday with a sore throat, swollen glands and very stiff neck. It lasted until Wednesday, though one of the glands in my neck is still enlarged. On Thursday evening my shoulder flared, badly. I had an awful nights sleep, waking every time I rolled over but got up, took my NSAID's and hoped they would ease it somewhat during the day. Even driving to work, just having the seatbelt resting on my shoulder was horrible. I battled through the day, unable to use my right arm, carry my bag on my shoulder or open doors. When I got home i phoned the doctors, who called back within 20 minutes and prescribed me painkillers over the phone. At last I have got painkillers too, I knew it would get to this point, and they have been a life saver. I took 2 straight away and the relief was just amazing. I love Co-Codamol!!

It's still niggling a little tonight (too much typing!) so I will dose myself up before bed and hope for a pain free week!

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ooh gosh welcome back

I can sympathise with you yes, co-codamol im relying on them too!!, work is a battleground isnt it??! are you any treatment yet?? im between drugs and it is a nightmare xx


No still not on any specific meds, just nsaids and co-codamol!! Loathe work, teaching just isn't good with ra!


Well your life sounds interesting, it is nice to know it better so that we can give a lot of advice. - <a href="">Reputation Advocate</a>


Welcome back and pain ain't that a bugger. I have it in my neck shoulder and hands at the moment hence being down here at silly o'


Poor you and sorry that as with mine, your rheumy says one thing re seeing you again and then this fails to materialise. Sounds like you badly need some DMARD to get your RA better controlled but I'm glad you had a nice break in Spain. I was meant to be starting an MLit last year with a full bursary but bailed out for similar reasons. No regrets but I now know I can do stuff because methotrexate does work very well for me - hopefully same will he the case for you too. Tilda


I just wish they would get on with it!! How long do I have to wait to see them again. I am sure I read somewhere that the NHS had reviewed guidelines for diagnosis and that it should be within 12 weeks, like that will happen. IT's been nearly a year since I first saw my GP. Hopefully appointment should come through soon. Shoulder has been fine since co-codamol but fingers are hurting tonight! Argh!


Same thing happened to me - I was referred then saw rheumy after 4 month wait and then told to come back in 4 months when I was finally diagnosed and put on MTX - almost a year after first symptoms reared their ugly head. Push hard, keep pestering and threaten to complain. Get your GP to write and hassle them. Pestering is the only way! Tilda xx



Have a look at my blog "Crazy Idea" from a couple of days ago.

Great to virtually meet you



Hi, i have had a look, great idea, I am currently playing around with ideas to enable me to work from home but it is a slow process but it would really benefit me i know. Let me know if I can help in any way.


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