hurrry up !!!

tomorrow cant come quick enough, i have an app with the rhuemy at 9 am, last night i was in sooo much pain with my shoulder, was all swollen and throbbing, i tried a heat pack , but it didnt help much, what do you guys use to ease the pain , apart from the obv painkillers etc,.

i just cant keep my eyes open when it reaches the afternoon, its so annoying , i try to fight it but its hard work, what do you do to try and fight your fatigue ? pppffft hate moaning, but we gotta have a moan some time i suppose lol.

well early night for me as im up at 7.30. coffee then hopsital !

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  • Fighting fatigue if you find out the answer let me know. Its the fatigue that get me every time. I do a bit sit a bit and then start again.

    Hope it all goes well for you. sylvi.xx

  • i run a realli hot bath and put radox muscle soak init and relkex in tht for 20 mins its helps for s while and might even help you sleep x

  • I know RA usually responds quite well to soothing heat, but inflammation can respond and feel really good with an ice pack on too, so worth trying.

    Also remember that what a lot of folk call "painkillers" - NSAIDs like ibuprofen or naproxen, etc aren't just mild painkillers, they are extremely good antiinflammatory drugs, so definitely worth trying, and not just taking as a single dose, but keeping on taking them regularly until it really does relieve. I'd always choose an NSAID drug as my first choice for inflammatory pain rather than other painkillers.

  • i take eccoxolac twice a day, i dont feel it help, but will discuss this with my rhuemy tomoz.

  • also ment to say ice packs makes my pain worse

  • Jonsi, I don't think ice is generally as good for RA as it is for spondyloarthritis, and heat does seem better for RA too. I just love my ice packs with spondy and enthesitis though.

    If eccoxolac isn't working, just remember there are a dozen or more different NSAIDs and they all affect us in different ways. Ask your rheumy or GP if you can try another. Some folk go through 5 or 6 before they find the best one for them.

  • Hi Jonsi

    I can see you've already had some really good suggestions here but I thought I would also point you in the direction of our articles on fatigue, and managing the pain of RA. Hopefully there will be some more useful tips for you.

    Fatigue in RA:

    Talking about pain:

    I hope your appointment goes well.

    Kind regards

    Sarah Kate


  • well i been to see the rhuemy this monring, he took me off sulfasalazine , and gave me a intramuscular injection ( cortisone i think it was.) so that works slowly and should reduce my inflammation. i have to still take usual painkillers ( para ) and take my eccoxolac when needed but not everyday. my sweats are caused by the flare ups. he said my condition was very active and its spreading fast. oh no! so i have to go back and see him in december.

    thanks for all your comments and pionters ! reallly appreciate them.

  • good news you got the injection, it works best if you rest after having it I found, so have a peaceful night and you should see a difference a couple of days jonsi. Axx

  • hope so thanks allanah xx

  • Hi just wondering how your getting on now? I'm pretty new to this and havnt managed to settle it out yet. Iv had quiet a few steroid injections this year and now there only lasting about a week before symptoms return.

    I also am really suffering with my shoulders, how have you combatted this at all?

  • well i had the injection on 17 october, im pain free as its stopped the dampend the inflammtion, im so happpy that something is working. sorry to hear that the effects arent as long lasting for you no more.

    as for my shoulder, my left shoudler is ok pain free as a result from the injection, im going back to see the rhuemy in 2 months so see what the next step is , as long term injections isnt good for the liver and heart. but this was my first injection, and i feel its helped me alot.

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