Soz it's me again,!

I have had a good day, despite the waves of nausea following my MXT yesterday, thank you for for all of your input I am lucky, however this evening I have an exquisite pulsing pain deep in my left shoulder, I have had both my left and right shoulder treated with cortisone injections on the last 2 months, and its starting up again, oh I am so worried as I know that my arm will become useless and its the mother of all pain, what do you do? Do I ring my rheumy nurse or go to the Gp? The difference this time is that I am diagnosed, and will they give more cortisone so soon, and why is it happening again, this shoulder pain is so awful, oh hell. How can this just happen, I am coping with my fingers feet and wrist right hand , my right elbow is awful it feels like I have something out of place, but my shoulder... can I take paracetamol with the MTX? This is a long post I know, x

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  • Hi I know how you feel I have had shoulder pain in both shoulders for the last 7 weeks and it is so awful even knowing where to put your arm because of the pain, I am on MTX and yes you can take paracetamol, you should ring your rheumy and see what she says about the cortisone.

    Hope you can get something sorted soon.

    Wendy x

  • Thank you Wendy, the last 2 times this happened I have not even been able to lift my arm in any way at all, it completely stopped me in my tracks, I ended up at A&E 5 weeks ago in tears in the middle of the night, I begged for some cortisone but they said we don't offer that service here.. I was desperate , so I am scared, how can this pain come out of nowhere... Aarrgggg I wish I understood all of this x

  • I Think take some painila killers and try a hot water bottle or similar to help with pain, AND contact GP in morning?

  • Thank you summer, I will do that,

    Things are getting on my nerves now, it's the unpredictability of it all I can't cope with,

  • Please see your GP or another if he's to busy. Good luck xx

  • I will Ellie , it's a bank holiday coming and I can't afford to be immobile, have family coming to stay , out for a family meal tomorrow evening... My fault for planning, I can't get my head around this at all, take a deep breath, I must not get upset , crying does not help just makes me feel weak and my face swells more than usual, not a good look !!! Vanity still comes into it, that must mean I am still strong, I am woman hear me roar , trying to lol ... X

  • Hiya..i can relate to the shoulder pain...ive had a few injections into right shoulder..and im lucky that mine seem to last at least 6 months b4 griefing me the same in that at its worst i couldnt even lift my was like id had a brain was telling it to work but it wouldnt....diclofenac helped too.....i hope you get it sorted quickly....i also found moving it helped...(despite wanting to scream ) you dont want it to seize up completely..... (((Hugs))) x x

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