Taking It Easy

I'm feeling good this morning and thought I'd take a few moments to write a small update. I had my hysterectomy on Monday at 2.30 as planned. All went well and I was back on the ward by 5 although not entirely with it. I have vague recollections of drifting in and out of sleep, seeing my husband and daughter sitting next to me and asking my husband why he had blue hair?? My blood pressure was low and I was on oxygen and drips overnight but by morning felt much better and was allowed home by lunchtime :-)

The week has passed quite quickly and I'm gradually feeling much better. I'm getting by on paracetamol 6hrly and thankfully my RA has not reared it's ugly head at all. The advice is to stay at home for the first week and do no more than if you're in hospital so that's exactly what I'm doing. The swelly belly is a bit sore if I wear a waistband so it's nighties and robes for comfort, set off beautifully by rather sexy knee high surgical stockings lol

I'm keeping my circulation and joints happy by doing regular walks around the house and garden. When Andy walked the dogs this morning I managed to wear a 30 minute path in the carpet by doing my circuits while chatting to Mum on the phone. Mostly I rest, nap, eat small healthy meals and feel very grateful that it's all over :-)

The lovely messages of support I received from you all made me feel so good and I thank you all. I've never had an op before and was absolutely terrified but your kind words helped enormously. Today I'm going to take advantage of my medically approved laziness and watch some movies on tv.....Thank you Sky for the offer of 3 months half price movies!! This will see me through until I return to the gym.

I hope you are all keeping well and you're pain is eased by some of this warmer weather. Love and hugs

Paula x x

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  • Lovely news Paula,am really pleased your making progress.xxx

  • Ah so glad to hear you are recovering well that's fab :)). Yep take it easy, we all have the summer to look forward to really think that helps and by then you'll be back to yourself and RA free hopefully :) . Love Claire x

  • pleased you are home safe take it easy and rest, and im doing the same today too x

  • Glad to hear everything went well Paula..gotta love the TEDS stockings..very sexy lol. You will be taking it easy alright..normally after hyste we strongly recommend no housework and importantly breakfast in bed for a month lovely so rest and take care.Lizaxxxx

  • What great news Paula! So glad everything went well & that your RA has had the decency to take a back seat. Wishing you a speedy recovery & enjoy the enforced rest. x

  • So pleased all went well & you are recovering well. /keep it up! Love Alison x

  • Nice to hear that the op went well take care shirley X

  • Lovely blog - hope things continue to go well in your road to recovery Paula - great to have you back! Tilda xx

  • Good to know all went well Paula,hope RA gives you a very long break.

    Take care :) Beth xx

  • So pleased to hear you sound so good.

    Enjoy the movies


  • As a nurse, well ex one I prescribe lots of tender loving care xxxxxxxx

  • Glad all went well Paula, wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Mags xx

  • Thanks all x x x x

  • Glad to hear all went well and that you are taking it easy

    take care crisxx

  • hi really pleased that all went well. take it easy for a bit xx

  • Hi Paula,

    Glad it went well and you are on the road to recovery. Enjoy watching all those films! Make sure everyone runs around after you for a change!

    Mary x

  • Good to hear it went well Paula :-) remember to take it slowly. Love Janet xxx

  • So glad it went well and you're on the road to recovery. Those pressure stockings really are glamorous aren't they? And so comfie! x

  • Good to hear that all went according to plan, and that you are a 'new woman' now. You may not feel like it much at the moment but rest assured in the coming months you will know what I mean! Don't try to run before you can walk, take it easy. xxx

  • So glad it went well. Now make the most of relaxing and taking it easy for your recovery. Hope you'll soon be back to full fitness.

    Caroline x

  • I'm so,pleased everything went smoothly for you Paula.well done you love Michelle xxx

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