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Work bombshell

I work 22 hours a week over 5 days NHS on reception. Our job role is going to change and we are coming under a different directorate. We had been told we can change our hours and work in a different area.

I am really struggling since last flare in Jan resulting in 12 weeks off. Been on prednisolone since.

Anyway I was awarded PIP in July so Iwas thrilled and decided to ask for reduction of hours to 18 over 3 days. The fatigue is a big problem.

Well at 4.30 yesterday was told my new hours would be 24 working 3 7.5 hour shifts. I know I cannot physically do it. Told no part time days it is that or 15 hours still full days. Plus I would not know if that would be financially an option if I could do it.

Obviously no one around at that time on a Friday.

Will contact the union on Monday. Fortunately saw occy health end of July who stated I should not work long hour's and a reduction should be considered.

I am just gob smacked and tomorrow I am doing a dog show to raise funds for the hospital Rheum dept.

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My reply may not be accurate, as it is about 8 years or more that I needed the advice from my Union. As I understood, we are protected under the equality act. Your employer has a duty to make reasonable adjustments to your job. I was informed that they cannot just say they have done this, they have to prove it. If that doesn't work, they have to try again. I phoned NRAS for advice and the Citizens Advice Bureau. My Union was amazing, but I had a fantastic manager who had already seen me struggling and suggested my new job role before I even approached them. Good luck, keep posting updates and stay strong. Candy


Thanks Candy. My present manager actually spoke to me the day before. She knows I am struggling and asked if she could help more.

My problem is I will have a new supervisor who told me the decision. She is lovely but only been in post 6 weeks and is only 25. So little experiences.

The occy health report states I am covered by the disability act.

So pleased you have a good manager.

Thanks for your support.


That sounds quite positive regarding your manager, and your new supervisor may not be up to speed on all the Human Resource stuff. Really hope you get a good result. Candy


Thanks it is a shame that my current manager will not be managing me for much longer. We move over in Nov and then it is the supervisor . 😨


Time to get a union rep in! You are covered by the equality act and I think they are breaking big rules by changing your 'manageable' hours to untenable ones and if you were to have to leave because of this change you would have a strong case for constructive dismissal... Union will advise and support you further and do not attend any meetings, regardless of how 'informal' they are sold to you as, without a union rep physically present.

All the best


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Hi moomie

I worked in the NHS for years and had to be retired on ill-health n 2000.

I managed to get back in 2013 and quickly ran into problems with my feet. I was so shocked at how I was treated by the management. I was a total inconvenience and they were not interested in what I needed only what service needed. Occupational health was my saviour they were so supportive and I took my union rep To all attendance meetings otherwise they spoke to me unkindly. Try not to worry about this new work pattern go back to OccuHealth and they will say that you shouldn't do long hours. You are covered under the equality act so your bosses can't touch you! yeah hey !!!!

Hope it goes well let us know how you get on



I know what you mean about working a 7.5 hour day. I can rarely do that now. Surely the most logical thing is to turn it into a job share . 2 part-timers, one morning, one afternoon or similar. As your hours aren't full time at the moment I assume there must be others also doing the job and they may well be feeling put out. Perhaps it's worth speaking to them as well as your union. I would also calmly speak to your new supervisor first now you've had a bit of time to process what she said. I would certainly not start quoting the 'law' and your 'rights' at this stage as it wouldn't set a very good atmosphere for negotiation. Save that as a last resort - Good luck.


They always do this kind of thing on a Friday night. You are entitled to drop your hours because of your health condition. I suspect they haven't looked at individual cases but just at the hours. If occupational health have said you should drop your hours then it should be the case. My husband works for a social enterprise who do nhs work and he said they are always wankers during a reorganisation. Speak to your HR department on Monday and also contact the occupational health people again. Ruth

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I work for the nhs in admin and my dept have been great, your new manager obviously has not read the Disability Discrimination Act, they have to make reasonable adjustments and if they cannot in your dept they can offer you another role. Definitely speak to Occy Health. I work what hours suit me I do 3 days so I get a day off in between each day so I can rest. If I'm bad one day I just phone in and work the day after. Extra sick leave, adaptions etc do not let this manager bully you she's in the wrong. I've had to ask for extra hours now as I was refused PIP and lost tax credits, I know this will kill me but if I don't I won't have enough to live on. Good luck. X

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Thank you everyone for your replies. Crikeyyou have all had issues too.

Sorry for late replies. I organized a fun dog show on Sunday and have been a bit knackered since. But well worth it 905.27 for paediatric rheumatology. πŸ˜€.

Yesterday I went to see my head of dept . She was brilliant and supportive. Her advice was to copy my occy health letters and one I have from physio that says I should not do long hours. Then to write a letter to my new supervisor saying why I think the new hours are unsuitable. She actually went to get them photocopied for me and brought them down to my desk. Also to speak to the union rep and give them copies. At this stage just to let them know my intention. If I got no joy she would then intervene and speak to my new head of dept.

I did this and today the new supervisor came to me and opologised saying she didn't realise the extent of my problems. Outcome I am reducing my hours to 18 over 3 days working 7-1 mon-Wed. Yes 3 early starts I will be tired by the end but it will be easier to park outside the hospital and I have two days off. I can always have an afternoon nap.

I did ask for it in w ritting too.

Thank you all very much for your replies it really helped. I honestly thought I was going to be out of a job. Xx


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