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I tried to stop smoking a few times already, this time I thought it would be the last try, but after day 5 the cravings just get so strong I don't know what I can do to fight them off.

Any advice to overcome really intense cravings? The ones that make you go really really mad.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


5 Replies
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hope your hanging in there , try be strong, think about the health benefits

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Ismael_ in reply to Andrew1234567

Thank you for your reply!

I did get a few ones yesterday (blame it on booze...), but I'm not giving up. That's already 20 hours ago and I intend to stay clean!

Again, thank you for the support!

The biggest issue with smoking once in a while is that you need to go through the first days (which are the toughest) all over again.


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Andrew1234567 in reply to Ismael_

Xmas eve last nite started drinking. And smoking.not good at all. Was chain smoking. Its Xmas day today still smoking will try n stop again tonight. Fingers crossed its just a relapse....

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Same here, feeling you sir.

Let's look at the positive side: the times you were NOT smoking still had benefits, and we can always start again NOT to smoke.

It does feel good not to smoke doesn't it.

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keep at it , it'll get easier , 3 months in myself

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