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Another year quit

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dugahole4 Years Smoke Free
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Good aye to all you quitters and losers!!!! July clicked over another year quit. So number 4. My mind is still dropping hints to me how good smoking was. I have had a few deaths around me so probably the why. Sad news was always accompanied by lots of smoking and a few drams hahaha. Starting to get the veggie beds ready for planting . Obesity is still my mate so a few new clothes have been required hahaha. Tried riding a push bike the other day and went round the driveway 10 times without falling off. I was a bit concerned with the seat though as it disappeared up you know where, so might have to swap it for a fence paling before I try again!!!!!.July also took my 67 yr old sister with breast cancer however, on the same day a new grand daughter popped out as well. One out in the morning and a new one in in the afternoon. By Crikey, no wonder the fags were missed hahaha. With a few ups and downs and ins and outs, life is certainly good and without the fags I am sure is better. We also got to have the 21st party for our baby boy and his girlfriend that was deferred due to covid from 2021 so a great night ( although chilly) was had by 100 plus crowd who swarmed out the back here. Stay strong everyone and all the new quitters hang in there. The quit ride for some is ok but most or mine was a slow hard slog with fatigue and grief. So just keep telling the smoking thoughts to Eff off hahaha Regards to everyone and stay as well as you can.

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Ah great to hear from you dugahole but I am so sorry to read of the heart breaking news of your dear sister. It must have been horrendous to have to deal with it and at such a young age. 2 new little grandchildren a blessing in disguise I am sure to help with the grief. Wishing you continued strength for you and your family.

Wow! 4 years already, that is fantastic, well done! i am happy to see you are still digging holes and manage to convey your witty humour in your milestone posts!

Look after yourself.....

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dugahole4 Years Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thankyou Roisin, only 1 new grandchild. My sister died in the morning and the baby came in the afternoon. She is our 9th grandchild!!!!!

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