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Day 20 no energy?

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Today was day 20 smoke free for me... I guess its true what they say about the icky threes... No energy and plenty of stray thoughts justifying "just one more" today. I haven't given in, and I'm fairly sure I won't, but it has been a rough one. Hope this doesn't last too long.

3 Replies
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Welcome Hidden , huge congratulations on 3 weeks smoke free, that is great, well done!

What you are feeling is perfectly normal and both your mind and body are working very hard to rewire. It should ease shortly. Stay strong and continue to read up as much as you can as knowledge is power!!

Below pinned post is worth a read if not already done so;

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CocoaXChangeValued Contributor

Hi and congrats.

It gets better, the trail is different for everyone, but over time the number of stray thoughts and the length of them decrease. We all know that 'just 1' is an impossibility.


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CONGRATULATION! I would create something to keep my mind off cigs, read a how to book on whatever then use your mind to create it, build it whatever. Like even paint something. Hope this helps. I'm praying for you Mary

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