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Hello Everyone

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Hi Everyone i have have decided to stop smoking after 15 years had some failed attempts in the past but i believe im ready now i smoked my last cigarette yesterday at 4.30pm and threw the 15 cigarettes in that pack away im more determined than ever because i added up the total money i spent over 15 years and its shocking i have creating memos with all the reasons im giving up smoking and read them like a bible Day One guys wish me luck

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reader20192 Years Smoke Free

Good luck with your quit!

thank you

Good luck! I feel exactly the same. 20 years for me but I am 8 days smoke free and still motivated

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Thank you im going on day 6 now went through the weekend with little cravings just distracted my self with video games and work it does get easier i feel that society and websites make it seem harder than it is to quit and that book by Alan Carr really helps with the process i don't think im going back to smoking again

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