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Hope you are all doing alright. Ive just joined this and I'm on day 60 of quitting smoking. I have felt like having a cigarette again recently, particularly in the later part of the evenings. but I haven't gone back and so far so good. It's not easy, is it ? Staying quit. But, if we get really ill from smoking, that's going to be terribly difficult. So, trying to press on and persevere and stay and continue to be free from smoking.

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PUPALUP1000 Days Smoke Free

You are doing great, it's been 5 years for me now and I still get the odd crave but it is only for a moment then goes away. The urge never goes away completely. Good wishes coming your way.

Polomints in reply to PUPALUP

Thanks. I'm sorry that you lost your husband.

You've done so well to do 5 years and counting ...well done. Good for you. It's nice that you recognise and mention the crave thing. Even now. I used to be a big weekend, not every weekend, but when i indulged, drinker. And i quit that nonsense over 8 years ago. It was like the ebbs and flow of a river or life itself. I'd feel like a drink...then the moment would pass...like a breeze in a way...and hours turn into days and weeks and months and years..

reader20191 Year Smoke Free

Good for you! Stay strong sixty days is great. It does get easier.

Polomints in reply to reader2019

Thanks. You've done so good. To over a year smoke free after 40 years on the cigs.

You stay strong too.

reader20191 Year Smoke Free in reply to Polomints

I have come to far to go back to smoking. Those first couple of months are the hardest. You just have to change up your routine. I started walking, sometimes three or four times a day. It depended on how bad I was craving a cig. I still walk every day. I also drank lots of water. Then one day you wake up and no more cravings. You still think about it and think you want one. But when the cravings stop it is so much easier to ignore those thoughts. I was one of the lucky ones that didn't gain any weight and actually lost ten pounds. I would be lying if I said I didn't miss smoking but I feel so much better and have more energy. Hang in there

Polomints in reply to reader2019

You. No going back. Keep going forward.

I've been walking a lot. And cycling around town. I live in London, so I'm lucky thats how i get around generally anyway. I quit the coffee for a while when i quit the cigs. I don't get cravings in the day time, but i've started feeling like smoking again often - in the evenings. When actually I've been drinking coffee again. So, i'll have to go back to how i started this and that is stay off the cigs and the coffee.

I know its tough sometimes and you write frankly about missing smoking. But, your lungs and bod don't miss it. So press on and enjoy your walks, feeling better and all the thing that you do.

Stay strong, 60 days is amazing, just one day at a time,one minute at a time if necessary, my mindset is that I never was a smoker and it's working for me.My failed attempts, there were many taught me how horrible cigarettes actually are, the first one was nasty but then I was back in the cycle.... Keep positive..and well done, 👍

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