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This is my first day. Please help me.

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SanJane1 Week Smoke Free

Hello, and congrats. Today is day 15 for me and let me say that it will get easier and easier. I went cold turkey and days 1-4 sucked but on day 5 it started getting better and has done so each new day.

I was able to just kind of stay in bed and watch TV or veg on the couch for the first 4 days. Just slept, ate etc. Took sleep melts to help me sleep so the time would pass faster. Just tried to eat fresh fruit and drink lots of water. I still struggle from time to time but the brain fog has now lifted and I can function. I do still take it easy on myself however. Small tasks and none that may cause hard emotional responses.

Stay the course you are worth it. Think of all of the wonderful pros to stopping: better health, money saved, you can run and exercise, younger skin, better libido, better example for younger ones etc. etc.

Please don’t smoke! Thanks for listening to me I hope you abide?

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SanJane1 Week Smoke Free in reply to gutt5-google

1 month and 4 days smoke free my friend and feeling healthy and empowered. The brain fog is almost all gone and I am feeling less sad and a returned sense of well being. This must mean that my good chems are starting to re-balance. YEAH !!!! Godspeed to you all.

3 months now and don't miss it. you can do it, or have only one once a week and keep it special.

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