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Health Scare!!!


Hi All

I've given up smoking 33 days ago after 40 years.

I was going through 2 packs (100 Grams) per week of Tobacco.

I've always said I couldn't give up unless I got a Health Scare, well I 'Got One' a few weeks ago!!

Went to my GP after ongoing pain in my leg & ankle thinking I had 'Gout' that was about 6 weeks ago, a week later I was in Theatre for over 6 hours having a Femoral Bypass on my leg (see attached pic).

I had a smoke 5 minutes before I went in to Hospital for my Op & haven't had one since, when I want one I look at my feet and remember what my Surgeon said & that was "I was so close to having a 'Lower Limb Amputation'"

It's not easy, it's early days & I'm still sore nearly 5 weeks later but Smoke Free.

Good Luck to all


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Hi chuck 5Sorry to see what smoking has done to you. Keep it up, you will feel so much better in time and be amazed at how easier life becomes

Chuck5 in reply to Whale1

Thanks, just glad the Docs diagnosed my Artery Blockage so quick & sorted it super fast.


Welcome to the community Chuck5 and congratulations on now nearly 2 months smoke free! Well done 👏 How are you getting on and how is your recovery going?

Hopefully, you are continuing to get stronger and healing after a very rough and traumatic time 🙏

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