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I'm 2 weeks in and feel like I have no energy or motivation!!.I vape and use patches so I know I'm still getting nicotine but should I feel sluggish and weak?? Any thoughts quitters!

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Is it possible you might be getting an overload of nicotine? Patches are strong stuff and I don't think you're meant to smoke regular tabs with them on for this exact reason.

Maybe, combined with the vape and the Nordic Spirit stuff you were talking about in your other post you're filling up with so much nicotine that you're only feeling the crash?

Not an expert or nowt lol but something to consider. Hope you feel better soon.

It's real tricky. I gave up for 6 days in December and I had terrible insomnia. Couldn't sleep at all. Remember, it's your body recovering, it'll take time to even things out.

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