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October 16 New Quit Date

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I had 7 months of being smoke free and a panic attack spoiled that on October 4. I have smoked two cigarettes a day since then but today is the time to begin again. I think I need to learn some coping skills.

My sister and niece really told me off when they found out I was smoking. They didn’t take into consideration that maybe it was hard to give up 7 months. I am only human and I make mistakes and didn’t deserve that. My pulmonologist was even understanding and encouraged me. I will have to work on getting rid of this resentment but I am so mad.

Thanks for listening. I hope everyone has a great smoke free day.

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Chin up Roxie, you’ll smash it this time. Panic attacks are horrible, you deal with them the best way you know how.

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Roxie80 in reply to Slakkers

Thanks for your support. I giving it all I got this time.

Hurdles along the way! It’s about getting back to it I understand and feel you roxie I hope the next time is better and longer! 💙

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Roxie80 in reply to bbss24

Thanks for the encouragement. I will begin again soon and stick to it. If I did it for 7 months I can do it again. I just have to convince my mind.

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Quit4Money1 Year Smoke Free

Ya shaming never works, and as if they don't have their own issues. I hope you can find a treatment that addresses panic attacks because that's a hard thing to live with. Take care of you and keep reaching out.

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Roxie80 in reply to Quit4Money

Thanks for your reply. It is hard starting over but I will soon. I have to just think about today and do my best not to smoke. It’s harder than I thought.

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