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Day 7 - A much better DAY!!

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GazzabSA50 Days Smoke Free

Thanks everyone for all the positive advise and support!

Today is day 7 , had the family over for new years and it has been raining NON stop, We all sat in the dining room and played board games, We all had a few drinks - for me it was an eye opener and a confidence booster WATCHING everyone go stand on the patio for a smoke.... and believe it or not I had the ODD "reach for the pack" moments BUT no real Baaaad craves.

I really think I am through the worst of it.. luckily I am only back at work on the 7th so its basically "2 full weeks quit" by the time I return to work.

looks like EVERYTHING is working in my favor!!

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Huge congratulations GazzabSA on reaching your first big milestone of 1 week smoke free, well done! Keep that guard up at all times ready to attack :)

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GazzabSA50 Days Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thanks sooo much for ALL the support , day 8 , I’m sitting on the patio listening to the birds!

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Quit4Money1 Year Smoke Free

Fantastic, Gazza!! Happy New Year as a healthy non-smoker :)

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GazzabSA50 Days Smoke Free in reply to Quit4Money

Thanks so much!

I must say it feel great , it’s 6:30 am in Sunny South Africa , I’m sitting outside with a mug if hot chocolate listening to the birds #lovingit

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